Jelly Marbles Solve UFO Mystery in Bangkok

The Phuket Gazette out of Phuket, Thailand is reporting that our Jelly Marbles have helped solved a UFO mystery. Earlier this month, small, round, clear spheres seemingly fell from the sky onto the Wichit home in Phuket. The family was puzzled at what these “Unidentified Falling Objects” could be until the Gazette found our Jelly Marbles video on YouTube and remarked that the resemblance between the UFOs and our marbles is “uncanny.” The Department of Medical Sciences in Bangkok is still researching the UFOs and expect to release a full report on their findings in early October. In the meantime, the family and the Gazette seem pretty convinced that the UFOs are in fact our very own Jelly Marbles. Read the whole story here.

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  1. Ilse
    Ilse says:

    Saw the Orson Welles reference on Twitter and HAD to check it out! Hilarious! And now it’s been proven that Water Jelly Marbles expand while in motion!

  2. Alyssa Rennecker
    Alyssa Rennecker says:

    The two polymers are actually quite similar. The polymer in the creatures is actual a form of the “baby diaper polymer”, which is of a slightly different chemical composition than the Jelly Marble polymer, but has the same amazing water-absorbing properties!

    Alyssa, Editor


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