Congratulations to Our UV Skinz Contest Winner

We really enjoyed teaming with to give away some of our Color Changing UV Beads and create awareness about the importance of protecting yourself from the sun. We are so excited to introduce the winner of the UV Bead give-away… Corinna Lyons-Revell. Here’s a little bit about Corinna and her daughter, who are very excited to play with their new beads.

I live in the Midwest and work from my home as a medical transcriptionist
and have a small business as a scrapbooker. I have a husband and
9-year-old daughter (whose favorite subject is science!). We lost a friend
about 5 years ago to melanoma and my hubby’s sister has had skin cancer,
so I have taught my daughter to be VERY aware of the need for sunscreen.
We don’t go anywhere without it, not even on cloudy days. She even nags
her daddy about it! I know my daughter is going to enjoy trying out these
beads and seeing how they work and then showing all of her friends to teach
them about sunscreen importance also. Thanks for the great contest! And
thanks to Steve for bringing awesome science knowledge to children!


the-revello-girls summer-revello


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