UV Bead Necklaces – Cute, Fun and a Reminder of Sun Dangers

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

Our customers are always coming up with unique and creative uses for our science toy products. Marilyn Daggett from Arizona designed duck necklaces with sun energy beads to trade on an upcoming Quacker Factory cruise in October.

Marilyn purchased a pack of our Color Changing UV Beads a few years ago to monitor her sun exposure at the urging of her dermatologist. She had about 500 left over and decided to create necklaces to trade with friends during the cruise. She mixed the UV Beads with crystal and plastic beads along with the duck lamp work beads.

The cruise sets sail in October to several ports of call including the Bahamas, St, Thomas and St. Martin. Quacker Factory is a very popular brand of clothing that sells exclusively on QVC and offers cruises for about 500 of their most dedicated fans. The ladies (and some of their husbands) bring ducky-related items to trade and share during the cruise. Marilyn has made about four dozen necklaces to trade.

She thought they’d be perfect for monitoring sun exposure and fun to wear. (We agree.) Only a few of Marilyn’s close friends know about the beads and their color change in sunlight. It will be a surprise for everyone else.

Have fun on the cruise Marilyn and fellow Quackers. And use plenty of sunscreen.

If you have an interesting, cool or fun project or use for one of our SteveSpanglerScience.com products, please send us an email to share. Your idea could make it onto our blog.

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