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Science_Fair_QuestionI’m excited that people are using our library of easy science experiments over at SteveSpanglerScience.com. Over 100,000 people receive our Experiment of the Week,but as you might imagine the level of interest goes through the roof at this time of the year when everyone is searching for a cool science experiment or science project idea. My hope is that parents will take a minute to view the opening video on our Science Fair Secrets page to better understand how to help their children avoid the most common science fair mistake – not understanding the difference between a science demonstration (a cool science trick) and a real science experiment. As so many of you know, it’s easy to turn a science demonstration into an experiment as long as you understand how to control a variable and compare results from a number of trials.

You’ll find lots of science fair resources for both students and parents on our Science Fair Secrets page and just a few ideas that might get your creative juice flowing.

Top 10 Science Fair Project Ideas from SteveSpanglerScience.com

  1. Mentos Geyser Science Project
  2. Growing Bacteria: Is the TV Remote Really That Gross?
  3. Growing Creatures
  4. Testing the UV Blocking Power of Sunscreen
  5. Baby Diaper Secret
  6. Eating Nails for Breakfast
  7. Red Cabbage Chemistry
  8. Water Absorbing Crystals
  9. Oil Spill Clean-up: The Amazing Oil Spill Polymer
  10. Taco Sauce Penny Cleaner
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  1. Julie R.
    Julie R. says:

    Iron for breakfast is an awesome experiment! It really shows the iron balance in cereal. I used it for a lab for my sixth grade class and they loved it! I recommend this lab highly.


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