Science Fair Success – Oil Spill Clean-up Polymer


It’s fun to get these e-mails from the parents of kids who had a great science fair experience. Ken Landau shared these pictures from his son’s science fair project. Brett used the Oil Spill Clean-up kit as the foundation of his third grade science fair project.

Brett has a very real love of science, experimentation, and model building. He found your site and this experiment by himself and we both agreed it looked very interesting. Your site was very informative and your staff very helpful (even letting me add to my order after it was submitted online.) – Ken

Here’s how Enviro-Bond 403 Oil Polymer works… Just sprinkle a small amount of this polymer onto the layer of oil and in seconds the polymer bonds to the oil, forming a sponge-like material that can be easily removed from the jar of water. This polymer is specially formulated to bond quickly and safely to many types of liquid hydrocarbons including crude oil, diesel fuel and gasoline. The bonding is so complete that it literally encapsulates the liquid hydrocarbons in just seconds. Here’s an incredible solution to future oil spill disasters.

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  1. charles
    charles says:

    why can’t they use this on the oil spill that is now in the gulf?
    back in the ’80’s I worked with some people trying to use it then.
    form what I could gather they were told to forget it.the gov. used it on aircraft carries. but the private industries could not.

  2. Steve Spangler
    Steve Spangler says:

    Charles – Your question is timely in light of the recent oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico. I’m doing a new story tomorrow for 9News KUSA and I’ll post the video. In short, it just takes too much of this particular polymer (almost a 1:1 ratio of superabsorbent polymer to oil) to be effective. There are similar polymers being used in large oil booms to help contain the spill, but I’m told the enormous size of this spill makes the use of these smaller solutions impossible. Here’s more information about Enviro-Bond 403.


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