There are literally thousands of online videos featuring the Mentos Geyser experiment, but this video is worth a few minutes of your time. It’s a first-class video produced by Mr. Delos Santos and his third grade class at Stone Ranch Elementary in San Diego, California.

Mr. Santos says that the project first started out as just a science experiment for the unit on Matter, but quickly grew into a much bigger project. But it’s not just a video, the class created their own “Fizz”ical Science website. “The largest challenge in producing a project like this is being able to engage all students in the digital learning process. Teaching them the proper technique and how to convey their message in a clear and systematic way was another challenging aspect of our project,” according to Mr. Santos.

Here’s the best part… The video has been nominated for an iVIE (Innovative Video in Education) Award! The award ceremony will take place on May 20th, and we’ll keep you posted.

BUT… We held our own screening earlier today and our staff would like to present Mr. Delos Santos’ third grade class with our own video award – a $100 gift certificate from Congratulations to the third graders from Stone Ranch Elementary!

…and nice job Mr. Delos Santos – the gift certificate is on its way.

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  1. danell
    danell says:

    hi I love your website and the stuff you can buy its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very cool videos esppically the fizzical sceince vidio i was in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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