Mentos Geyser Tube Crosses the Border

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Reed, the VP of Technology for eSpeakers, at the Winter NSA Conference in Orlando.  Dave talked to me about the work he is doing in Mexico with his family and I gladly passed on a few science gadgets to take back to his home in Ajijic, Mexico.  As it turns out, the Mentos Geyser Tube™ is a hit in any country!  Dave sent me an email recently and let me know that his 10 year old son, Riley was the hit of his school’s science fair.  Dave was even kind enough to send some pictures of the Geyser Tube in action with his son.

I love hearing stories about how making science fun can overcome all boundaries, even those between countries!  Thanks Dave for the great follow-up and congratulations to Riley… keep up the great work and happy experimenting!

mentos-geyser-mexico-2 mentos-geyser-mexico

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  1. Terry@ Scrub Tops
    Terry@ Scrub Tops says:

    The mentos+diet coke is so cool that it is not surprising that it is a big hit in any country around the world. Enjoyed watching that clip on your sidebar. I’m inspired to make one of my own. But of course, I’m doing this one time only as I can’t afford a lot of Diet coke. LOL. Great job in spreading the coolness of this stuff.


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