TIME Top 100 – Steve Spangler Makes the List


I was on my way home from presenting a week of science seminars for teachers in California when I got a call from my office. Jeff Brooks explained that an editor from TIME Magazine called and wanted some pictures to run on the website. I laughed and asked how it felt to be pranked by my brother. The next call to my cell phone was from an editor himself who explained that he needed some pictures right away. The conversation was somewhat one-sided because I wasn’t sure what to say… other than ‘thank you’.

I’m posting this as a way of saying thank you to all of the people who have been kind enough to vote and to post comments on the time.com site. My inbox has lots of emails with screen captures of the top votes – never in my life will my name appear on the same list as Bono, George Bush, Al Gore and Howard Stern! This is all thanks to teachers and friends who spread the news on Friday, I’m sure. I told everyone in our office that there are 203 people on the TIME list and soon my name will appear on the bottom of the list, but it’s an incredible honor (truly unbelievable) to even be included.

Here are the final results… #18

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  1. Jamie Long in Palestine, Texas
    Jamie Long in Palestine, Texas says:

    Steve Spangler is a must have catalog for my Science classroom. Steve’s website offers so many ideas for experiments and his products are my favorites! I love checking his website for new products and new video clips of Steve on the news! His love for science and education is contagious! Steve belongs on the list of Top 100 Influencial people! He not only influences teachers around the nation, HE INSPIRES US!

  2. Robin Payne in Gurnee, Illinois
    Robin Payne in Gurnee, Illinois says:

    STEVE SPANGLER definitely !!! A friend and I own a day camp and are always looking for new things for the camp. I work in an Early childhood/ Kindergarten school as the health assistant during the school year and run the camp in the summer months. One of the earlychildhood teachers was using the insta snow in her classroom……. that is how I learned of Steve. I went on his website and am now on his mailing list. We have done several of his experiments at camp and the kids love them. One day a parent was running late to pick up their camper and I had my laptop with me, the camper and I surfed through his website watching different videos while waiting for his ride. When his dad arrived (apologizing profusley) his son didn’t want to leave until I gave him the Steve Spangler web address. A memory for a lifeTIME. Good Luck Steve keep up the fun “work”.

  3. Jody Lawrence in Clemmons
    Jody Lawrence in Clemmons says:

    I definitely think Steve Spangler should be the number one pick. I am a professor in a college where I work very hard to inspire future teachers and I cannot think of anything that my students enjoy more or learn more from than from the Steve Spangler experiments. First we all know that math and science are two of the subjects our children seem to be doing poorly in across the nation and unfortunately as I visit classrooms to visit student interns the subject that is always missing is science. When my students share what they know about Steve Spangler with elementary school teachers and do some experiments with the children everyone gets excited. I have also had the privilege to attend some of Steve’s presentations and they are always awesome experiences and when it’s over no one wants him to stop. Steve Spangler has a way of showing educators how to bring science into their classrooms and our children need these opportunities badly. My vote is for Steve!

  4. Carmen Sanchez in Fort Worth, Tx
    Carmen Sanchez in Fort Worth, Tx says:

    I support Steve Spangler 1000%!! He has done so much to improve the level of interest in science education in teachers and thus in thousands of students.

  5. Laurie in Denver
    Laurie in Denver says:

    Steve Spangler teaches teachers. His seminars and workshops have reached thousands of classroom teachers, each of whom, in turn influence thousands of our nation’s future leaders. His impact on me 15 years ago has meant that my students have had quality, engaging, meaningful science education at the elementary school level. My biggest mission in teaching science is to get my students to believe that they can be scientists- it is accessible to impoverished, transient and immigrant students as much as anyone else. Steve has influenced MANY more lives, on a much deeper level than his video fad- hilarious though it may be- ever could.

  6. Caitlin McDonough in Denver, CO
    Caitlin McDonough in Denver, CO says:

    I was a student at Willow Creek Elementary when Steve Spangler was a teacher. This guy was amazing! I can still remember how easy it was for Steve to engage every single person in the room in his experiments. He was funny and incredibly energetic. He just so obviously LOVED being around children and teaching children. Time Magazine shouldn’t even consider recognizing anyone else! We need more people like Steve Spangler in our schools, on T.V…..everywhere!

  7. Sue Martin in Bournemouth, England
    Sue Martin in Bournemouth, England says:

    Steve has the RIGHT kind of influence on people’s lives – positive – especially since his work is predominantly about improving the quality of SCIENCE TEACHING for thousands of children across the US and the rest of the world (‘though the mentos eruption is cool too)!

  8. Connie in Fort Lauderdale
    Connie in Fort Lauderdale says:

    We need more young people interested in the field of Science. STEVE SPANGLER motivates and excites young and old with his enthusiasm!!! HIs awesome presentations of experiments make Science exciting, relevent and fun!! He stimulates curiosity and “turns on” his audience with some of the “magic” of Science!!!!

  9. anne baffert in tucson,az
    anne baffert in tucson,az says:

    Steve Spangler not only does he make science a blast, but he reminds me why I became a science teacher in the 1st place!

  10. Willa Smith in Akron
    Willa Smith in Akron says:

    Steve Spangler is a fresh and fun science person. I LOVE the ideas and products that he has for teachers to make science exciting and engaging. Our children deserve teachers that spark their inagination and Steve Spangler is tops in my book!!

  11. Ilga in Wauconda
    Ilga in Wauconda says:

    Your commentI think that Steve Spangler should be number 1 – because he has not only influenced students to become more interested in science, but he has kicked the science teachers off their desks to put some oompf into science to continue to motivate. No wow factor – the kids just yawn. I have seen the difference in my own sixth grade classroom. Keep on showing us that science is cool!

  12. Kelly Sussex in Peoria AZ
    Kelly Sussex in Peoria AZ says:

    My kids and I love to watch the vedios on the internet of Steve. They are so funny . My 8th grader got 1st place in her science fair with one of his projects. We love the Mento and diest soda that is a big hit to tell some one to do it and watch them get soaked. Steve make science FUN for people of all ages.

  13. L. S. Lee in Pearland,Texas
    L. S. Lee in Pearland,Texas says:

    Steve Spangler makes Science come alive. Great for kids and great for adults!!!

    To think that a teacher is on the List. Whether it is Steve Spangler or any other teacher. They most certainly are the most influential in a child’s life!!

  14. Sarah Richards in Bellevue wa.
    Sarah Richards in Bellevue wa. says:

    Steve spangler!! I have been to several teaching conferences that he has appeared at! He has amazing ideas, and he deserves to win! I have met him a couple times, and he is just such a nice guy. His ideas are creative, inventive, and so educaitonal for children of all ages! I hope i see him on the cover! He is an inspiration to all teachers!

    ~Toddler Teacher~ Washington…

  15. Clee Burgos in Charlotte Nc
    Clee Burgos in Charlotte Nc says:

    Steve is the MAN……He is an awesome science teacher. I am also and I use his activities constanly in my classroom.GO STEVE

  16. Shelli Egger in Austin, Texas
    Shelli Egger in Austin, Texas says:

    My mom thinks he is the greatest. She loves to bring some of his activities to all of our family holidays. We don’t have any young kids at this time, but all of the adults love his things too. Go Steve!

  17. Jill McD. in Fountain Hills, AZ
    Jill McD. in Fountain Hills, AZ says:

    Steve Spangler is an inspiration to students and educators. His enthusiasm for science and discovery is infectious!

  18. Candace Knox in Harrisonville
    Candace Knox in Harrisonville says:

    We all know about Oprah who is very deserving and President Bush but my favorite on the list is Steve Spangler.

    A teacher. A teacher’s teacher. I used to want to be Miss Frizzle from the magic schoolbus videos. Of course she is a cartoon…anyway through Steve Spangler and his wonderful science lessons, I feel like Miss Frizzle. My kids love what I teach and I love Steve for giving me the ideas! His excitement is contagious!

  19. Alyssa in Littleton
    Alyssa in Littleton says:

    Nearly 15 years ago, I sat in a school auditorium and was awed and inspired by Steve Spangler. Now, all these years later, I have the honor of knowing Steve personally. I consider it among my greatest blessings to know a man who is so genuine and honest. The spark that he lit in me 15 years ago has helped to shape my life, and he is continuing to reach out to students and teachers alike. Steve doesn’t just inspire a love for science, he inspires a love for learning at any age. Steve cares more than anyone I have ever met for the education of our youth.

  20. Deborah Thomas in Irving
    Deborah Thomas in Irving says:

    Steve Spangler has influenced me to be a better science teacher and help my students have a love for science. My students love to ask why and then do the experiment and discover what happens.

  21. Karen Lovelace in Austin, TX
    Karen Lovelace in Austin, TX says:

    Steve Spangler has made my 5th grade classroom come alive with science! My kids look forward to school now! Not bad!

  22. Raquel Carney in Fountain
    Raquel Carney in Fountain says:

    Steve Spangler is a great teacher, his science workshops are very active and with a lot of fun ideas . I learn so much from him and I always keep eye in my e-mail waiting for new ideas that I can use in my preschool room.

  23. Harry Lee
    Harry Lee says:

    That’s amazing Steve! You truly deserve to be on the list, inspiring science teachers and students around the world to have fun with science. I think that Time should focus not just on the Mentos and Coke phenomenon but also on the extremely long list of other achievements you have under your belt!


    Harry Lee

  24. Lisa in Elmira, New York
    Lisa in Elmira, New York says:

    Steve Spangler’s influence across the country is amazing and encouraging. And who better to be influential than a teacher? I know Steve only through his great website, where my family watches video clips of his awesome experiments (he’s not just about coke and mentos!) and through the science kits and experiments we’ve gotten from him that have made doing science at our kitchen table easy and fun. Steve shows adults that they don’t need to be intimidated by science, so they can help inspire and teach kids in ways that are fun and exciting. Kids with a passion for science is what our world needs to survive in the future. Steve Spangler’s influence will go on longer after the coke stops fizzing.

  25. Lisa Yerby in Cleveland
    Lisa Yerby in Cleveland says:

    Steve Spangler’s exciting science experiments have left my Kindergarten and First grade students spell-bound! I am amazed at the scientific vocabulary these 5-7 year olds use and understand!

  26. Suzi Warwick in Winslow Az
    Suzi Warwick in Winslow Az says:

    Time, I think Steve Spangler would be a wonderful addition to your top 100. He has influenced children to try new things and convinced parents that experiments are a great thing for children to do. Families that use the Steve Spangler web site and/or products get to learn together while having a great time. With so many things in the world that are not made for family togetherness and enjoyment, I thoroughly appreciate finding things that promote family time. Anyone that has been able to raise awareness in science for all ages, as it seems that Steve Spangler has, deserves recognition. My son is participating in a school science fair this year. The experiment he chose to explore is the Mentos experiment. Again, I hope that you choose to include Steve Spanger in your top 100 (or just give him his own cover!). I believe you would have a broader age base interested in purchasing your 100’s issue if Steve Spangler is included. Thank-you for your time. Suzi

  27. Sharon Wilson in LaVerkin, UT
    Sharon Wilson in LaVerkin, UT says:

    Steve Spagler’s science stuff is fantastic for teaching school – the kids love them, and enthusiasm for learning science is fantastic!

  28. susanne edwards in fort worth
    susanne edwards in fort worth says:

    I would like to vote for Steve Spangler. I saw him at a teacher’s convention and was so excited to add some cool science experiments to my classroom. He really is an amazing science guy!

  29. Tracy Westhoff in Columbia, MO
    Tracy Westhoff in Columbia, MO says:

    Steve Spangler has brought fun and excitement back into the classroom. He has taught thousands of teachers how to make science the class that the kids WANT to take instead of DREADING to take. I have been to his workshops at the NAEYC conference for years now, and my classrooms have never been so exciting. This year I don’t have a classroom, so the teachers that I direct, go tosee him and implement what they learn from him in their classrooms!! He has brought joy back to the classrooms. There is standing room only in the large rooms that he uses to motivate science teachers from all over the nation.

  30. Melody in Los Angeles
    Melody in Los Angeles says:

    Mr Spangler’s enthusiasm and love for science and his efforts to reach out to teachers around our country has been incredibly influential. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with makin’ a buck, my man, if the result is that children are excited about science.

  31. Susan Sullivan in Clarksville
    Susan Sullivan in Clarksville says:

    Steve Spangler has created new fun in old science. Anyone who can in spire children to want to learn the way he has Rock’s! and should be #1 on the list!!!!!!

  32. Debbie Weil
    Debbie Weil says:


    Congrats and go for it!! I guess being in The Corporate Blogging Book is small potatoes compared to Time!

    YVETTE in FRANCE says:

    i choose STEVE SPANGLER, he must be on the list. He is wonderfull. trick with mentos and cocacola is very very good!! bravo to Steve

    ( i hope we can have a translation in french for all articles and tricks thanks)

  34. Stacey Reid in Cleveland
    Stacey Reid in Cleveland says:

    Posted by Stacey Reid in Cleveland
    I’m a big fan of seeing a real live school teacher making the list of candidates this year. Teachers perform arguably one of the most important jobs in society. Many have come up with ingenious ways to try to engage and interest our youth and are so rarely recognized publicly in this type of manner. Can you imagine trying to interest a 9th grader in Physics at 0800 when too many were up texting until midnight the night before? A Mentos-Diet Coke geyser? Outstanding! Spangler gets my vote.

  35. Julie Zettler in Forney, TX
    Julie Zettler in Forney, TX says:

    Steve’s influence in my science classroom has been great. The students love his demonstrations and understand the concept behind them. Great pick for the top 100!

  36. Deb in Wichita
    Deb in Wichita says:

    Steve Spangler has influenced people of all ages. Educators who shape and mold lives love him!

    Thank you for making a difference in how we educate children in the area of science.

  37. Sue L. in Mt. Prospect
    Sue L. in Mt. Prospect says:

    I chose Steve Spangler because he is a resource that directly impacts what goes on the classroom. With a national goal to improve interest and understanding in science (and math), his partnership with educators helps to spark the interest and curiosity of millions of students from kindergarten on into adulthood.

  38. Nancy in Satellite Beach, Florida
    Nancy in Satellite Beach, Florida says:

    It’s time we recognize those who dedicate their lives to teaching children. Steve Spangler has a gift for creating excitement and nurturing curiosity in both children and the adults whose job it is to nurture and teach those children to ask questions and work through the process to find answers. He is an inspiration to the next generation of creative thinkers.

  39. Tricia Donato in Melbourne, FL
    Tricia Donato in Melbourne, FL says:

    Steve is an inspiration to teachers across the country. He shows us how to take the magical nature of the science experiments he does and infuse it into our curriculum with fun and meaningful hands on experiences. I have had the pleasure of attending one of his workshops and can say he is truly amazing!! He’s an educator of educators and children alike! He has my vote 100%

  40. Teresa McBroom in Commerce City
    Teresa McBroom in Commerce City says:

    I have used Steve Spangler’s Science for several years now. I attened a teachers conference 15 years ago, where Steve was the guest feature. During the conference I learned how sicence could be so much fun!!! Comming form a subject that most people dread to a subject I was now very excited about. I took his love and the fun he had back to my classroom and have used it since. Now I’m very excited about teaching the subject. My students love it also because we have so much fun!! I also teach other teachers how to use the Steve Spangler Science ways nad just plan have fun with it. I love it!

  41. Karen Vaccaro in Miami Beach
    Karen Vaccaro in Miami Beach says:

    Steve’s great! Wish he could be my son’s science teacher. The special teachers that make a huge difference should be recognized for the impact they have. Another great Denver teacher is Marie Petterson. If you have not heard of her, you will. Her influence on young lives is remarkable. She introduces her young students to a larger world. While teaching them how to read and write, she also explores occupations, cultures, countries, and the arts. The seeds of knowledge that she has been planting for forty years with enthusiasm and excitement have grown and produced fruit in the far reaches of the world. The books, crafts, field trips, and buffets that Marie has shared with her students, have taught important lessons to thousands. The transformation that occurs by the end of the school year is truly remarkable. She is an everyday hero. She is making the world a better place, because she teaches with love.

  42. Mayra Wilson in Mansfield, Texas
    Mayra Wilson in Mansfield, Texas says:

    Steve Spangler is such an inspiration and influence to children and parents. He shows us not only how important is to learn about Science but how easy and fun it can be. A lot of FUN!! My kids and I love to watch all his experiments on his web site and we’ve tried a lot of them at home. We also tried the Mentos experiment in my son’s class thanks to Mr. Steve who sent some of the supplies to us. They loved it!, including all the classes that watched thru the windows.

    My vote definitely goes to Steve Spangler, a family man who’s not famous for acting in a movie but for “taking action” in children’s lives.

  43. VIKKI Capparelli in LAke Worth
    VIKKI Capparelli in LAke Worth says:


  44. Janet Epresi in Houston, TX
    Janet Epresi in Houston, TX says:

    Steve Spangler has done a lot to revive interest in science in America.

    Science and Math expertise will determine our continued prosperity in this century.

    The top 10% of China and India’s science students in number will exceed the number of ALL science and math students in the USA. By their numbers alone, their top students will outnumber us in a few years. As a population, we need to focus on a science/math literate population for the future, or our leadership in this field is questionable, at best. More folks like Steve will help create interest in science as fun, as well as educational.

    • Bobby Akinboboye
      Bobby Akinboboye says:

      Mrs. Epresi,

      I don’t know if you remember me but you were my 1st grade teacher in 1994-1995 at Holmsley Elementary. I know this isn’t the proper platform for this so I’ll keep it short.

      Thank you so much!

      Bobby Akinboboye

  45. Kristi Kuhn in Papillion, Nebraska
    Kristi Kuhn in Papillion, Nebraska says:

    Steve Spangler is a great influence on teachers across the nation. After attending a three day workshop, I have implemented more hands-on science in my classroom than ever before! My kids are excited to learn about science. I have given inservices in my school and district which has influenced other teachers to try more hands-on science in their classroom. He has a gift in making science easy and fun!

  46. Carol Julianelli in The Villages, FL
    Carol Julianelli in The Villages, FL says:

    Steve has had a positive influence on children for many years now, creating an interest in science and chemistry through his experiements and magice tricks. He’s taught children that these subjects can be fun and are not boring. I’m sure that he has inspired many students to pursue a career in the field of science or chemistry.

  47. Rayetta Self in Marshall Missouri
    Rayetta Self in Marshall Missouri says:

    Steve Spangler has given teachers so many new ways to bring Science into the classroom! He has ideas for every age child…from 1-100! I have had so much fun with my Pre-K kids and Spangler experiments this year after attending one of his performances! We, together with Spangler, may end up producing even greater scientific minds!!!

  48. Julia in Canton, Texas
    Julia in Canton, Texas says:

    Steve Spangler has sparked an enthusiasm for science in the hearts and minds of teachers and students everywhere! He has taken a subject that many perceive as “too hard” and made it so much fun that you can’t help but try it … and learn valuable science concepts in the process.

  49. Julie Gintzler in South Holland, IL
    Julie Gintzler in South Holland, IL says:

    Steve Spangler is one if the most intriguing people I have ever met. He has not only influenced the teachers who flock by the thousands to hear him speak, but he has given each attendee the gift of being an amazing science teacher! In influencing this nation’s teachers, he has thus impacted the future of our country. Statistics show that the USA is sorely lacking with regards to a global impact upon science. Steve has apparently made it a personal mission to change the attitude about science in today’s youth.

    Personally, Steve has influenced a drastic change in my professional growth. His inspiration and encouragement have helped me rise above the oppression of the No Child Left Behind Act, which has plagued the lower income community where I work. After yeas of devoting myself to the betterment of children in an impoverished community, the virus of NCLB has depreciated my teaching enthusiasm. Steve’s accessibility and practical science applications were like a breath of fresh air in my classroom. He has nurtured and supported my professional growth in such a way that after 20 years of teaching kindergarten, I have decided to leave the classroom and turn a page in my career. After this year, I will be traveling the country to talk to teachers about science. Steve has shown me the importance of giving back to the teaching community. It is my hope to continue the incredible science-education impact he has begun.

  50. Shannon in Wenatchee
    Shannon in Wenatchee says:

    I think Steve Spangler is a true inspiration for learning science. He makes it fun and informative.

  51. Judy Croci in E. Longmeadow, MA
    Judy Croci in E. Longmeadow, MA says:

    Steve Spangler has opened up the world of science to everyone, young and old alike. It is of great interest for all Americans to get reinvested in the sciences in our country. Our technology will suffer greatly if we don’t get more of our young people involved in science and math. Steve Spangler has created a unique and fun way to look and learn about science and should absolutely be nominated as one of Time 100 most influencial people!

  52. Bill H. in CaliforniaAndrea in New Orleans, LA
    Bill H. in CaliforniaAndrea in New Orleans, LA says:

    I think Steve Spangler has made a huge impact on children’s science programs. Before I discovered his site, there was little out there for children interested in science. Most of the kits were aimed at kids 10 and up. With Steve’s site, there is a lot to choose from for every age group starting as young as age 4. My son has had a fascination with science from an early age so I have purchased a lot of fun science toys/experiments/etc for him over the years. Steve also provides a wealth of information on his site and his newsletter.

  53. Melody in Los AngelesLisa Parker in Phoenix
    Melody in Los AngelesLisa Parker in Phoenix says:

    Steve Spangler for sure! It would be great to have a teacher on Time magazine, especially one who has motivated teachers to use more science in their classrooms and for the thousands of students around the counrty who have benefited from the wild and crazy experienments that make science fun!!!

  54. Eric in Morrison, CO
    Eric in Morrison, CO says:

    Steve Spangler is a young man who is using his talents teach and enthuse kids about science and life. We need more Steve Spanglers in our society.

  55. Arnold in Knight Newton, NC
    Arnold in Knight Newton, NC says:

    Steve Spangler makes learning science fun for the students and teachers alike! He justs grabs your interst and holds throughout an experiment. Truly a great educator.

  56. Judy Litvak in Toronto, ON
    Judy Litvak in Toronto, ON says:

    Your comment I would definititly include Steve Spangler for making Science such an up front and powerful subject for kids and adults alike

  57. Katherine Clifton in Cumberland
    Katherine Clifton in Cumberland says:

    Steve Spangler gives me ideas that I use in my after school program. With no budget, I love that I can use things that I already have, like my vaccum sealer, or cheap things, like a bottle of soda.

  58. Louise Hewitt in Redlands, CA
    Louise Hewitt in Redlands, CA says:

    Time Magazine’s description of Steve Spangler is sadly simplistic. This is a man who is struggling to get hands-on, inquiry based science education (or any science education at all in many schools!) back into our classrooms. He calls on us all to treat children as thinking, creative problem solvers rather than vessels to be filled with facts. He brings joy and intrinsic motivation back to learning, something sadly lacking in the “no child left behind”, teach-to-the-test system our children currently face. Without people like Steve advocating for our children (and the kind of educational experiences they need), you will have slim pickings for the Time 100 list in another 20 years! People like Steve should be applauded at every opportunity, and given the platform they need to spread their message ever wider! When Steve wins, our kids win!

  59. Elizabeth in Andrus
    Elizabeth in Andrus says:

    Science is the future, and Steve Spangler crosses all party lines to bring creative science to all members of his “sphere of influence” young and old. He gives upcoming generations reason to want to make science their chosen field, and that’s a good thing when so many kids just want a shot on American Idol or an MTV video.

  60. Rhonda in Jacksonville
    Rhonda in Jacksonville says:

    I have taught for 29 years, and Steve has revolutionized the way I teach. He has shown me that physics and chemistry are not only fun – they can make a teacher look really awesome! He is in the top 5 list of most influential people in my life. He totally deserves to be recognized for the wonderful work he does for teachers!

  61. Jos Rosenthal Goodman in Tulsa Oklahoma
    Jos Rosenthal Goodman in Tulsa Oklahoma says:

    Science is a hot subject this year and the BEST science teacher is Steve Spangler. The top 5 names that I would choose are: Steve Spangler (Science), Oprah Winfrey (Humanitarian),
    Marvin Lavanhar (Theologian), Earl Goodman (Renaissance Man), Dr. John Hope Franklin (Best human in the universe) – Al Gore

  62. Linda Schwartz in Pembroke Pines Fl
    Linda Schwartz in Pembroke Pines Fl says:

    Steve Spangler is awesome. He has shown once again that teaching science can be fun ! He has wonderful hands on activities that everyone enjoys ! My vote is for Steve Spangler!

  63. Olafur Orn Palmarsson in Reykjavik
    Olafur Orn Palmarsson in Reykjavik says:

    I choose Steve Spangler because he has changed my view on science teaching and many kids that I teach have got interested in science.

  64. M Benich in Ohio
    M Benich in Ohio says:

    As a science teacher , it is awesome to see other science geeks get excited about science as well. Students are engaged and learning. I especially love the scientific explanation behind the fun!!! Way to Go!!!

  65. teri appell in denver, co
    teri appell in denver, co says:

    Steve Spangler gets my vote as he has inspired educators, parents and students alike with his love of science. He makes it fun for all ages!!!!

  66. Kara Tucker in Indianapolis
    Kara Tucker in Indianapolis says:

    I have seen Steve Spangler in a workshop, and would go back again and again. The kids in my daycare love it when I come back with new ideas from Steve Spangler

  67. Cliff in Littleton
    Cliff in Littleton says:

    It’s great to read the comments here about all the candidates. I can tell you that I saw Steve do the Mentos activity back in 1997. I was amazed then and I’m amazed now. He was a classroom teacher for 13 years and I’ve seen many of the ideas he shared with me back in ’97 evolve over the years. Thanks for your dedication and passion for the education of our youth.

  68. Nancy Loughran in Eugene
    Nancy Loughran in Eugene says:

    Steve Spangler is a wonderful influence on young minds with his understanding and enthusiasm for science. Our kids need more science in school and to know that it is interesting. He could be exciting the thinking of someone who will find a cure for diabetes, or build a solar powered car.

  69. Sadie Day in Scranton Ks.
    Sadie Day in Scranton Ks. says:

    I am a kindergarten teacher and I would pick Steve Spangler. I do many of his experiments in my classroom and the students are getting a real love for Science. They are developing minds that question things and a sense of wonder about the world. Sadie

  70. Kelly in LaGrange
    Kelly in LaGrange says:

    Like I told the kids at my son’s WEIRD SCIENCE birthday party, “The media tells us that math is power. If that is true then science is super power! If you learn the science, you have to learn the math. If you learn the math….all you have is the math.” My 10 yr old son wanted a science party, which was right up the alley of his biology/chemistry majoring mom. Due largely to Steve Spangler’s vast ideas and availability of equipment, the kids at the party not only had a great time, but learned lessons they will never forget. And, by the way, yes the Coke geiser is cool, but it is by no means the best of what Steve has worked so hard to promote. –From a mom whose neighborhood is still talking about science a year later!!

  71. Debbie in Ocean County
    Debbie in Ocean County says:

    I love Steve Spangler! His website is full of useful information. I head up the annual Science Fair and use his site to teach and encourage young scientists. Thanks Steve!

  72. Cheri Gaetz in Mount Dora, FL
    Cheri Gaetz in Mount Dora, FL says:

    Steve Spangler has shown teachers so many ways to make science fun! I have added a science center to my classroom that introduces my students to science in a whole new way thanks to him!



  74. Debra in Philadelphia
    Debra in Philadelphia says:

    Steve Spangler. As an educator, I know how important it is to capture the interest of students. Steve Spangler has many innovative ideas that generate true enthusiasm in educators. This enthusiasm is contageous. Children are our future and they learn best from teachers who have a genuine passion for their subjects and sincere joy in teaching. Our teachers need creative people like Steve Spangler to provide support and leadership.

  75. Shari Tubb in Springboro OH
    Shari Tubb in Springboro OH says:

    My students loved the Mentos demo and the experiment they developed from it. I have gotten so many great ideas from Steve Spangler. He is changing the way science is taught and we love it.

  76. Mary in Illinois
    Mary in Illinois says:

    It’s great to see Steve Spangler on the list! Steve is making a difference with his excitement in teaching teachers to teach science to students with enthusiasm. As Steve says, “It’s all about the experience!”

  77. C Wheeler in Mt. Shasta
    C Wheeler in Mt. Shasta says:

    Steve Spangler has kept science alive for children when our schools and their administrators have cut the budget for our next generation.

  78. Jane Nelson in Aurora
    Jane Nelson in Aurora says:

    Come on everybody! We have to keep voting for Steve Spangler! We can’t let Bush win this. Keep casting your vote for Steve!!!! He deserves to win this!!!!!!

  79. Curtis in Hamilton
    Curtis in Hamilton says:

    I can’t wait to see the outcome between the Supreme Ching Hai Flying Spaghetti Monster and Steve ‘the teacher’ Spangler. Should be a classic!

  80. Christi Duncan in Aurora, CO
    Christi Duncan in Aurora, CO says:

    Steve Spangler is one of the most influential scientist and should be at the top of your list. He isn’t fancy nor rich like others on your list. He uses everyday items to teach people from all ages the basics of science. His experiments spark an interest for all those that watch him. He frequently uses the assistance of his young toddler aged children to show just how easy science can be understood. After growing up almost fearful of science because of the lack of understanding the manuals, it is refreshing to know that anyone can do it.

  81. Ken and Anita Hammond in Aurora
    Ken and Anita Hammond in Aurora says:

    Just watching Mr. Spangler with children is amazing. He brings such intelligence and scientific mastery at childs level of understanding and I do

  82. Laurie Tompkins in Castle Rock, CO
    Laurie Tompkins in Castle Rock, CO says:

    Your comment Steve Spangler does so much to influence kids and get them excited about Science. Steve Spangler is my vote

  83. Jennifer in Grand Junction
    Jennifer in Grand Junction says:

    Who better to influence than our kids, Steve Spangler has inspired my little ones for years. He is always coming up with something new, something to think about, and something to inspire. He is by far one of the most influentially people out there. We may not see his impact for several years, but our youth has been given a great gift by his presence.

  84. Lucy J caldwell in Grand Rapids
    Lucy J caldwell in Grand Rapids says:

    Your comment I do think that Steven Spangler is a wonderful “idol” for the kids of the next generation. Science is not only fun but essential for the advancement of our future. He makes it fun and educational for everyone.

  85. Ann Chaffee in Rochester, MNAnn Chaffee in Rochester, MN
    Ann Chaffee in Rochester, MNAnn Chaffee in Rochester, MN says:

    Your comment The best science workshop I have ever attended at the many family childcare conferences I have attended in the past 40 years. OOOH

  86. Ann Chaffee in Rochester, MNAnn Chaffee in Rochester, MN
    Ann Chaffee in Rochester, MNAnn Chaffee in Rochester, MN says:

    I would choose Steve Spangler. The best science workshop I have ever attended in 40 years that I was a licensed family childcare provider! His class: OOOH, AHH, AWESOME SCIENCE is truly awesome. He makes science alive and fun for adults as well as children!

  87. William in Pomfret
    William in Pomfret says:

    Your comment He has inspired so many teachers to instill a love of science in their students. His ideas are creative and refreshing; captializing on everyday materials to demonstrate principle of science in a fun manner.

  88. Joan in Wichita Falls
    Joan in Wichita Falls says:

    Steve Spangler goes out of his way to make science interesting and fun to all ages, but especially school kids. Making it interesting makes them want to learn and can only inspire them to greater things than our generation.

  89. Deborah Garrett in Georgia
    Deborah Garrett in Georgia says:

    My vote goes to Steve Spangler. He has touched the lives of more children than can be counted through teachers that use his ideas to teach science. In an age were students get bored quickly Steve has brought science to life and made it exciting to students. Teachers as well have gained confidence and excitement about teaching science because of him and the experiments he has created and shared. Thank you Steve for making learning fun and impacting our youth in a positive way.

  90. Abra in Chico, CA
    Abra in Chico, CA says:

    Steve Spangler without a doubt! I attended a workshop of his & a fire for science was lit inside of me! There’s no stopping curosity!

  91. Lynn van den Ochtend in Bradenton
    Lynn van den Ochtend in Bradenton says:

    Steve Spangler has made science for for the children and the parents. My daughter and I love to watch the experiments and we try quite a few of them at home.

    I also used Steve’s Mentos experiment in a presentation I did on Robert Stenberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence. I used the coke bottle for analytical, the mento for creativity, and the funnel for practical. When combined, the coke spewed and I was able to use this as a visual “hook” to remember when you ocmbine the three intelligences, you accomplish intellectual success!

    Keep the fun in science alive Steve! As a parent and future teacher, I applaud and appreciate all that you do.

    Most Sincerely, Lynn van den Ochtend Bradenton, Florida

  92. Faye Johnson in Loveland Colorado
    Faye Johnson in Loveland Colorado says:

    Your comment Steve Spangler is amazing and interests kids in science from the get go!

  93. Sarah in Appleton
    Sarah in Appleton says:

    Steve Spangler should be in the top 100 for being such a positive force in the field of education. He has a gift that inspires teachers to get excited about teaching science concepts through the use of really cool experiments and demos. The greatest thing about Steve’s methods is that they get kids excited about the magic and wonder of science.

  94. Joshua in Reno
    Joshua in Reno says:

    While it would not seem that a science teacher would be in a top 100, when it comes to people that I admire and regularly check out his site especially for the videos he certainly belongs up there.

  95. Laurie Arvay in Ogden
    Laurie Arvay in Ogden says:

    I have presented at some conferences with Steve and he believes in making science fun, inquisitive, and challenging children’s curosity. I feel what he does for teachers and children will bring more students to love science and exploration and we all know that the US in particular needs more researchers. He teaches teachers how to challenge children to think about the why’s and how’s of life…

  96. christina heredia-reuther in riverside
    christina heredia-reuther in riverside says:

    Steve Spangler is one of my personal heros. Simply put, he is an inspiration to teachers and students. His humor gets your attention, his activities of science are fun and exploratory, but his ability to really get the message across that science exploration is for everyone (yes, even for you!) that reels you in. I am a regular subscriber to Time magazine and would be flattered and touched to see one of my best inspirations in your top 100.

  97. Stacey Ruggiero in Centennial
    Stacey Ruggiero in Centennial says:

    You watch Steve Spangler and you just want to do what he is doin it is just an amazing, he’s a guy having fun and wanting everyone else to do the same. You watch, learn, then copy. Its easy! Watch his video and you’ll be hooked, just like me!

  98. Darlene Riefel in Menomonee falls, Wi
    Darlene Riefel in Menomonee falls, Wi says:

    As a science teacher, I love to see fellow teachers who have the same wild excitement about teaching as I do. You go Steve. You are at least 99!!!

  99. Roland & Linda Query in Bird City KS
    Roland & Linda Query in Bird City KS says:

    Your comment Steve Spangler is such an inspiration to young and old alike. He is intellegent, genuine and such a talented individual. He is making the science world fun for our younger generation! We love him.

  100. S J Lowe in Atlanta
    S J Lowe in Atlanta says:

    Steve Spangler makes my list without a doubt! I teach pre-K and use his science every week at least one or more times each week.

  101. Meggan Bush in Binghamton, NY
    Meggan Bush in Binghamton, NY says:

    Steve Spangler deserves to be at the top. Anyone that can light the spark in a childs mind and that can intrest a child to learn, deserves to be number one. Steve influnces the young of our country! He is making our future a brighter one. He makes children think outside the box and be creative in their thinking process. I have used Steve Spangler in the classroom for learning and with my own child. Children learn with Steve Spangler and don’t even realize it because they are having so much fun! Congratulations Steve and keep up the great work!

  102. Debbie Catoire in Kingwood Texas
    Debbie Catoire in Kingwood Texas says:

    Your comment Steve Spangler has shown us how to engage our children in science and enjoy a subject that many elementary teachers are afraid to touch. Through hands-on science the world comes alive. His workshops enable you to work along side with many creative and talented teachers in the country. Returning to the classroom and being able to open the eyes of science learning is truley with the smiles and laughter you hear from the children.

  103. Joan Whittaker in Citrus Heights
    Joan Whittaker in Citrus Heights says:

    Steve Spangler is an amazing science teacher; he is my choice. He inspires teachers to keep science alive and interesting in the classroom.

  104. Debbie Catoire in Kingwood Texas
    Debbie Catoire in Kingwood Texas says:

    Steve Spangler has shown us how to engage our children in science and enjoy a subject that many elementary teachers are afraid to touch. Through hands-on science the world comes alive. His workshops enable you to work along side with many creative and talented teachers in the country. Returning to the classroom and being able to open the eyes of science learning is truley rewarding when you hear the laughter and see the smiles on their faces.

  105. Jan Larente in Garden City, Michigan
    Jan Larente in Garden City, Michigan says:

    Steve Spangler all the way!!! I have seen him at numerous early childhood conferences, and he presents science for young children in an exciting,meaningful and fun way. I have used his suggestions and ideas in my own classroom, and the children love them!

  106. Brenda DeLeo in Hudson, OH
    Brenda DeLeo in Hudson, OH says:

    Steve Spangler has my vote! He has energized science learning in so many classrooms with his lessons, experiment tips and supplies.

  107. Jackie Ries in Beeville, Texas
    Jackie Ries in Beeville, Texas says:

    Steve travels the country to demonstrate his fun scientific projects to teachers. He makes us laugh and he makes us take those science activities right into our classroom. His activities make science exciting to our students and every activity has a real scientific principle.

  108. Carolyn Brown in Kapolei, Hawaii
    Carolyn Brown in Kapolei, Hawaii says:

    Steve has giving me so many activities in science to do with my class. He has great ideas for children to be envolved in science and it’s FUN. Children learn best when it can be fun and intresting to them. Steve has his son involved in the activities too! He has enhanced my program greatly. He deserve to be well reconized for all his heard work with enhancing science activities within children, and adults too!

  109. TC in Somers, New York
    TC in Somers, New York says:

    Steve Spangler is amazing.

    He has made Science wonderful and interesting for all students. As a mother and educator I often go to his site to get experiments to do with my 7 and 4 year old girls.

    I hope he stays at #1!!!!

  110. susan in algonquin
    susan in algonquin says:

    Steve Spangler has made geek chic, and put science back on the menu for many educators. He deserves to be on your list!


    Your comment I vote for Steve Spangler! I’ve seen him twice at Early Childhood Conferences & I was instrumental in getting him to our conference for over 800 early childhood teachers. He is an advocate for all children and energizes teachers & leaders in helping to make science exciting & relevant. He helps them to realize the importance of strong science programs for all children. He offers a two-week training session each summer in CO for those interested in improving their science education programs. He is a person who really understands how children learn – through doing, discovery & exploration!

  112. Bonnie Gallaway in elizabeth, CO
    Bonnie Gallaway in elizabeth, CO says:

    Steve Spangler is indeed a wonderful teacher and great with kids. He’s visited our school several times, is always wonderful with the kids and knows how to excite without overdoing it. However, he does the same experiments the same way each time. I’m surprised to see him on the top of the vote list so far. There are millions of teachers who make a difference every day in the lives of countless students. How about honoring all of them? My other heroes are the men and women of the armed forces who are sacrificing their all every day for our freedom and the freedom of people all over the world.

  113. Sherry Williams in Centennial, CO
    Sherry Williams in Centennial, CO says:

    I would vote for Steve Spangler, he makes learning science fun and you want to find out more about his experiment using everyday items. Way to go Steve.

  114. Debby in Edmond
    Debby in Edmond says:

    Steve Spangler is great! His ability to encourage students to study science is awesome. Richard Branson sure is high on my list, too!

  115. Tori Propst in Sterling
    Tori Propst in Sterling says:

    Steve Spangler is very deserving of this award. The work he does for students and getting them interested in science in the every day world is amazing. I have seen first hand the students’ excitement in Steve’s experiments. He is very influencial in today’s education as he is able to get students excited in Science.

  116. Sandy Lyons in Austin, Texas
    Sandy Lyons in Austin, Texas says:

    Steve Spangler! He is great. I could be called a Steve Spangler groupie. I go to his trainings everytime that I get a chance. He is such a great inspiration to teachers. It would be fantastic if all teachers could be influenced by his love of education.

  117. Cindi O in RI
    Cindi O in RI says:

    Steve Spangler knows how to get kids interested in learning by having fun. Maybe other teachers will be inspired by him on how to make kids enjoy learning. My vote goes to Steve Spangler.

  118. Charles in West Melbourne
    Charles in West Melbourne says:

    I think Steve Splanger is the most influential person. I went to one of his inservices and my Third Grade Science program ahas not been the same. I use a lot of resources from Steve and my classcan’t get enough science. They love science, especially when we make snow or the gel.

  119. Jane Nelson in Aurora
    Jane Nelson in Aurora says:

    Steve Spangler is # 1 and by the votes I see I’m not alone. You can look at all of the people that have alot of money and power but the power is in the teachers and especially the Steve Spanglers that can get both children and adults alike excited about science and every other subject in education. My hats off to him and all other teachers he represents. Good luck Steve and we’ll see you on the cover of TIME!!!!!

  120. Vicki Cooper in Wickliffe, OH
    Vicki Cooper in Wickliffe, OH says:

    I had the chance to see Steve at the OAEYC convention. I attended his key note speaker as well as the seminar following. I own and direct a child care center and we use many of the items that Steve sells. Go Steve!!

    ABC Learning and Child Care Center, LLC

  121. Nicole Ridley in Littleton Colorado
    Nicole Ridley in Littleton Colorado says:

    Steve Spangler is the “science guy” for the elementary school which my children attend – Wilder Elementary School. We feel it is an honor to have him involved in our school. He is teaching science to our children in a creative and informative, hands-on manner which stimulates curiosity and understanding. It’s quite a treat for the children and a refreshing method of teaching for the parents!

  122. Christina Taylor in Fort Worth
    Christina Taylor in Fort Worth says:

    I would pick Steve Spangler! He helps teachers like myself make the classroom come alive with laughter and awe, when doing his science experiments.

  123. Bonna in Kentucky
    Bonna in Kentucky says:

    Steve Spangler is fantastic to watch! He is just what our new generation needs to help move toward thinking, processing and practicing science. If you are young he brings the mystery right down to your level and if you are a bit older – he mesmerizes you in his presentation and also his information. Wonderful choice – he is a blend between science, education and entertainment!

  124. Susan Henderson in Lufkin TX
    Susan Henderson in Lufkin TX says:

    Most of the people on your list, yes, have fortune and notoriety….. Society is relatively easily impressed with fame and fortune. But let’s see them ignite a scientific curiosity in a classroom of kids. Now, that’s real work!

  125. Billie Flickinger in Broomfield,Colorado
    Billie Flickinger in Broomfield,Colorado says:

    Your comment Steve Spengler is just fun. I’ve known Steve for over fifteen years. He is amazing. He makes science interesting and easy.

  126. Lisa Bilger in Canon City
    Lisa Bilger in Canon City says:

    I pick Steve Spangler because he helps to make science fun and hands on learning for children and adults alike. I often use his experiments and activities in my classroom. Kudos to Steve!!!

  127. Peg Sutlief in Auburn, Washington
    Peg Sutlief in Auburn, Washington says:

    I’d choose Steve Spangler for the many interesting Experiments and teaching opportunities he has given to to the public to help children. No question, I’d rank him up at the top with a 100.

  128. Susan Lovig in Manchester, Iowa
    Susan Lovig in Manchester, Iowa says:

    Steve Spangler had a great influence on the way I’ve taught for the last 12 years – I’d love to see him selected!

  129. Sue in Aurora, CO
    Sue in Aurora, CO says:

    Steve Spangler gets my vote: He travels to various schools in the Denver metro area, instilling an excitement in the students about SCIENCE! He is so “down-to-earth” & entertaining that both kids & adults watch him in amazement. This past fall, he spent a week highlighting “teachers who are crazy about science” on channel 9. He’s makes science fun; something that is admired by many teachers & parents!

  130. Melody Rae in Los Angeles
    Melody Rae in Los Angeles says:

    I am an actor turned elementary teacher. 5 year s ago I was asked to take on a science teaching position with no experience in the subject. I agreed then searched madly for a summer workshop. Fortunately, I found Steve Spangler’s Hands on Science Workshop for elementary teachers. It was late so I was wait listed but by a miracle blessing, someone cancelled and I was accepted. That week was filled from 8 am until 5pm with all kinds of actual useable hands on science activities. Their teaching style was hilarious and effective. In the mornings, the teachers were taught. In the afternoons, we taught students from a local summer camp, so our methods were fine tuned. Steve Spangler keeps his workshops at a reasonable price and his team works hard to secure grants to supply the teachers with all the materials we need. Not only did I return to my school as an effective science teacher, I returned with boxes filled with supplies. I am no longer the science teacher at my school, but my former students and parents tell me I am still their favorite. That is purely because of Steve Spangler and his science team. I taught 400 students in my term. That is 400 lives that Steve and his team influenced, and I am only one teacher. Multiply that by all the other teachers and you have one man who has single handedly put the science spark into thousands of young minds. Thank you Steve and NHOSI! Melody-Los Angeles

  131. Rachel in Howe
    Rachel in Howe says:

    Steve Spangler!!!!! I am a science teacher (like Steve) and he has had such an influence on the way that I teach science. He is great!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Karyn Kapellusch in Phoenix, AZ
    Karyn Kapellusch in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Steve Spangler is my #1 choice for Time Magazines most influential person in the world today. As a teacher, I would be honored to see Steve clutching his Mentos on the cover of Time or any other magazine. I, as countless others have stated before me, consistently seek Steve’s innovative expertise to make science come alive for my students. He is the most influential person this year, and the next, to science teachers everywhere. Thanks, Steve!

  133. Pam Sharp in Arlington, TX
    Pam Sharp in Arlington, TX says:

    I vote for Steve Spangler. He is an excellent teacher and speaker. He really modivates you into making teaching fun.

  134. Jan Bobek in Soldotna, Alaska
    Jan Bobek in Soldotna, Alaska says:

    I’ve used Steve’s experiments every week in my 5th grade classroom. It’s probably the most fun we have.

  135. C. Johnson in Fairview, TX
    C. Johnson in Fairview, TX says:

    Steve Spangler is my choice. He’s great a real asset to science teachers everywhere.

  136. Sandi Scott in Anaheim
    Sandi Scott in Anaheim says:

    Steve Spangler is at the top of all the people on your list–innovative–creative–great person who helps others learn how to teach in a fun way.

  137. Cindy in Sterling, CO
    Cindy in Sterling, CO says:

    Steve Spangler is my number one vote! He has made science fun and interesting for kids of all ages. He is so passionate about his teaching and makes learning fun. Check out his website!

  138. Many Children in Minnesota
    Many Children in Minnesota says:

    Steve Spangler helps educators forget about the fear and frustration involved in teaching science to elementary students … and reminds us of the fun and importance! Steve helps teachers give students what is missing from so many classrooms!

  139. Kristina in West Virginia
    Kristina in West Virginia says:

    Steve Spangler gets my vote! He is an astounding man and scientist. I was honored to view his work during an Early Childhood Conference. He not only provided amazing experiments and experiences for our children, but he took time from his busy schedule to come all the way to WV. Sometimes, in a small, rural area, we tend to be forgotten, but he wasn’t above visiting our end of the country. Thank you Steve Spangler!

  140. Xavier Aguirre in New York, NY
    Xavier Aguirre in New York, NY says:

    Steve Spangler has my vote. It is about time a teacher get recognition for reaching out to many students. He has an interesting way of making science fun for kids to want to ask question and want to learn more about science. We need to encourage people like him to inspire our kids curiosity with desire to learn science.

  141. Dianne Thorington in Silver Spring
    Dianne Thorington in Silver Spring says:


  142. Joyce Hansen in Buena Vista
    Joyce Hansen in Buena Vista says:

    Steve Spangler!!!This man is awsome for inspiring adults and children alike to explore the word of science.

  143. Cathy in Ohio
    Cathy in Ohio says:

    Steve Spangler – just went to the 2007 Ohio Early Care & Education Conference where he was a Keynote and Super Session Speaker – he was incredible! Even the AV guys who were seated next to me were amazed. This guy really knows how to stimulate interest in science – he could make a major impact on how the next generation deals with science related issues such as global warming! He can really influence masses with his presentations!

  144. Vengadeswaran in Singapore
    Vengadeswaran in Singapore says:

    Steve ideas is amazing how he links the science and technology by using simple tools.

  145. Winona Twiford in Manteo, NC
    Winona Twiford in Manteo, NC says:

    I met Steve Spangler over 5 years ago in Reston, Virginia at the National Association of Family Child Care Conference. I had a class with him at 7 a.m. I was not really looking forward to getting up and attending a science class. Boy am I glad that I went! Steve Spangler was the teacher and he had my full attention. I learned so much from Steve’s class. I couldn’t wait to get home and try out some of the things that I had learned about. The children in my care and my daughter’s class benefited from what I learned in that class. Steve makes science fun! He also makes it easy for teachers, who may be weak in science, to feel confident in their teaching abilities. If you have a question he is quick to respond and answer your questions. He even sent my class some free baby test tubes. Teachers and students are both so lucky to have a teacher like Steve Spangler who loves his job and shares his enthusiasm with the world! He is an influential person who can teach teachers, parents, and children a lot!

  146. Betsy Ruckard in Aurora, Colorado
    Betsy Ruckard in Aurora, Colorado says:

    Steve Spangler is an ordinary guy who is extraordinary in his approach to teaching scientific principles and demonstrating unbelievably entertaining experiments. He is a gifted teacher and communicator who has committed his life to educating children (and those of us grown ups who no longer remember chemistry) and deserves to be recognized by Time for his contributions! He may not be as famous as the others on the list but his impact is significant and far reaching.

  147. M.Sigríður Jakobsdóttir in �sland
    M.Sigríður Jakobsdóttir in �sland says:

    Your comment Steve Spangler is one of the most influential scientist and should be at the top of your list. He isn’t fancy nor rich like others on your list. He uses everyday items to teach people from all ages the basics of science.

  148. Robin Nordin Kiddie Junction Ed. Institute in Des Plaines
    Robin Nordin Kiddie Junction Ed. Institute in Des Plaines says:

    People make the 100 most influential people for many reasons and sometimes we need to look at the little guys who make a difference in other people’s lives…….This is true of Steve Spangler

    Steve Spangler has been influential in bringing the “FUN” back to science for not only the children but the teachers as well. His use of household products in his experiments allows us in the early education field the ability to encourage parents to continue what their child has learned at school back to their house, thus bringing the family unit together .

    And what Dad doesn’t like the idea of Mentos in a Coca Cola Bottle so that it explodes like Old Faithful!

  149. Danae' Wirth in Goshen, IN
    Danae' Wirth in Goshen, IN says:

    Steve Spangler? Why not! Speaking as a Science teacher involved in curriculum development and professional development training, he has been a Godsend in the science education field. At a time when science, technology, engineering, and mathematics scores are stagnate across the board we need a champion willing to to show science as both fun and practical to everyday life. My PD sessions would not be the same with out him. We need at least 100 more of him!

  150. Margaret Wilks in Dardanelle
    Margaret Wilks in Dardanelle says:

    Steve Spangler is FAR more than a Mentos experiment! He has changed the way we teach science, making it fun, exciting, interesting, and relevant to important science principles. He has helped make my science classroom a place where students are once again engaged and thinking about being scientists.

  151. Ruth Hartvigson in Denver
    Ruth Hartvigson in Denver says:

    My vote for Steve is not only because of his ability to engage students of all ages in understanding and loving science, but because he also represents teachers who have remained focused on creatively educating their students on how to explore, experiment and use their right brain in a left brain world! People like Steve are creating kids who will find the cure for diseases, not just be good test takers.

  152. Jan Tesmer in Omaha, Ne.
    Jan Tesmer in Omaha, Ne. says:

    Your comment Steve Spangler should make the list. His amazing experiments excite and inspire children to become interested in science!

  153. Maria Manges in Petersburg Indiana
    Maria Manges in Petersburg Indiana says:

    As a preschool teacher, i have used steve spangler’s science materials, ideas, and his instruction as a teacher of teachers to instill in my children a love for learning. when they get to elementary school, they won’t think “yuck” when they hear the word science. for 9 years i’ve done this, so we’re talking about over 250 students! now, that a big influence he’s had!

  154. Sharon Cullen in West Haven
    Sharon Cullen in West Haven says:

    Steve Spangler overall. I have many of his experiments in my office and the staff just goes “nuts” every time I bring in something new. Ooh’s and Ah’s are a lot better to hear than whining and complaining. By the time the staff finishes playing with my “Spangler Stuff” then forget why they came in to complain. 100% Steve!

  155. Jill Gamboni in Milford, Pennsylvania
    Jill Gamboni in Milford, Pennsylvania says:

    Steve Spangler He provides fun, wonderful ways to get children interested in science and offers great opportunities to teachers of the very young!! Very inspiring!

  156. Charles E. McPherson, III in Rocky Ford
    Charles E. McPherson, III in Rocky Ford says:

    Steve Spangler is one of the mostinfluncial people I know. He reaches young, middle age and old people alike.

  157. Lori Markle in Granger
    Lori Markle in Granger says:

    I picked Steve Spangler because I have seen him in person doing presentations to hundreds of Educators, parents, community members and college students looking to get into the field of Education and he is great. Steve has the knowledge, leaves great first impressions, is funny and can explain science related information in a way that keeps you hungry for more. I too conduct science trainings for childcare providers and I do an opening and closing demonstration, using Steve Spangler activities. Steve has an amazing ability to touch a life of a child with out even knowing or ever seeing that child, because of his resources he shares with thousands of people.

  158. Sheila Grutt in Pueblo, Colorado
    Sheila Grutt in Pueblo, Colorado says:

    I teach preschool children, ages 3 to 6. 5 years ago I took a workshop from Steve. It changed our classroom. We now do science all the time. I use the Steve Spangler products allot, but one of the amazing things about Steve is his first goal is to bring more science into the classroom, not sell products. He had tons of things you can do using things you already have on hand. He has really touched hundreds of children in our program. We send them on to school with a love of science, and the curiosity to want to know more.

  159. Annette Zwetzig in Fort Morgan Co
    Annette Zwetzig in Fort Morgan Co says:

    I chose Steve Spangler, for the fact he cares about the children who learn science and has such a flare for teaching. I enjoy watching on the news at 4:00 and even tried of few of his experiments with my children to get them involved with science more.

  160. Lisa in Ypsilanti
    Lisa in Ypsilanti says:

    STEVE SPANGLER! He has inspired so many teachers to instill a love of science in their students. His ideas are creative and fun;and he makes it easy for teachers to implement by using everyday materials to demonstrate the principles of science in a fun manner.

  161. John Chybion in Cocoa, FL
    John Chybion in Cocoa, FL says:

    Steve Spangler is a natural for the list. Through is attention-grabbing Science demonstrations, teachers throught the US are spearheading a Scientific Renaissance in the classroom.

  162. Rob M. in Durham, NC
    Rob M. in Durham, NC says:

    Steve Spangler belongs on this list. As a lateral entry science teacher as a second carrer, Steve is an example of what we need in science teachers in this country. He is enthusiastic, entertaining, educating, and he holds the attention of his audience whenever he appears on screen. He is an inspriation to teachers and students.

  163. Danielle in Belleville, MI
    Danielle in Belleville, MI says:

    Steve Spangler… he’s so much more than just the mentos & coke guy. A teacher that has shown educators that science can be fun!

  164. Karlton Land
    Karlton Land says:

    I had the pleasure of attending one of Steve’s one day presentations at our regional sevice centers in 1997. That one presentation motivated me to be more than what I was. I have been fortunate enough to attend one of Steve’s week long training and left as Steve would say…. Amazed. Because of the training I have received as well as the personal support from Steve, I have I be havs become “Amazing” for my own students throughout the years. As I say to my students…. Some day I want to grow up and be like Steve Spangler!

  165. Stefan
    Stefan says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Spangler! It’s me from Willow Creek. I’m not surprised one bit that you got on this list! You are a very inspiring man! You showed me just how fun science can be!!!

  166. Brainstorm
    Brainstorm says:

    I like Steve Spangler ! Stave shown educators that science can be fun! gr8 piece of work. Keep it up. We really appreciate of such kind of stuff in this regard.

    Software Engineer & SEO Expert,


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