Water Balloon in a Bottle – A Cool Puzzle

Sometimes the simplest experiments I do on television creates the greatest response. My Balloon in the Bottle experiment that aired on Monday was no exception. It’s just an ordinary balloon poked into a soda bottle with the challenge… blow up the balloon in the bottle. Looks easy until you try it. After you’ve mastered secret, you’ll be able to make a water balloon stuck in a bottle… which also looks impossible. So easy but very clever.

Watch the video

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    I would love to help, but I am unclear as to what it is you are trying to measure. The idea behind this experiment is that air takes up space. This experiment provides a great visual demonstration of that, but measuring the volume of air is quite difficult for many students. If your grandson’s assignment is to do an experiment that requires measurement, then an experiment about air is probably one of the most difficult he could have chosen. Here is the web link for the directions to the Balloon in a Bottle experiment. The written experiment may be of more help to you than the video you saw. Just click on this link and it should take you right to it: https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/experiment/00000166

    There are many other experiments that lend themselves to measurement much more effectively than the Balloon in the Bottle. You may find an alternative experiment to better suit your purpose by clicking on the web link below.


    Good Luck and if you have any further science questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail the Steve Spangler Science Help Desk at


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