Potato Gun Fun

I just completed a segment for television on the “power of air”. How else to better demonstrate “power” than to have a little fun with a potato gun. Now before anyone gets bent out of shape because I’m doing something so “unsafe”, take a look at the video to see how this potato launcher works. The original design was actually created by a great chemistry teacher from Naperville, Illinois by the name of Lee Marek. It’s really a great way to demonstrate Boyle’s Law.

Behind the scenes… Remember that most of the work I do on television is live. There’s no retakes or editing – what you see is what you get, and rarely do I ever get a chance to practice with any of the other news anchors. If you watched the video, you saw that Mark Koebrich and I had a blast on camera, but that’s all you saw “on camera”. What you didn’t see was the camera man, director, audio technician and the security guard all shooting potato plugs in the 9NEWS backyard. Funny how a simple little device can bring the kid out in all of us.

But I never would have guessed that the volume of email response would have been this great. My inbox was overflowing with emails from viewers who each had their on “version” of a potato gun… which were dangerous to say the least!!! How could my relatively harmless version of a spud launcher be in any way related to these monster potato cannons? However, I did receive one email with a link to a website with great potato gun stories. If you’re a potato gun enthusiast, you’ll love the stories.

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    It’s been years (10 years) since I made my last spud gun from a long lump of PVC pipe and a broom handle. It was great fun shooting 10Kgs of spuds all over the back yard.

    If I remember right the yard stunk for days afterwards of rotting potato. Ahhh. Now I remember why I haven’t made a spud gun since. The wrath of my wife!!

  2. mike
    mike says:

    i just made my first ever spud gun ande am using starting fluid or hair spray as my fuel and am having trouble getting the fuel to ignite any sugestions?


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