Grant Smith Wins 1st Place in Science Fair

ivorysoap6.jpgIt’s great to get emails with this subject line… My science fair project placed 1st from an idea from your website! Grant Smith is a 4th grader at S&S Elementary in Sherman, Texas. The “S&S” two small towns, Southmayd and Sadler, are approximately one hour north of Dallas. Grant used our website as a resource to expand on the idea of the Growing Ivory Soap experiment. Here’s Grant’s email about his award…

Mr. Steve Spangler,
My 4th Grade Teacher has taught us many cool Science experiments from your website. I got on your website to give me an idea for my Science Fair ivorysoap4.jpgProject. I proved that Ivory Soap has air inside of it by showing it floats and expanding it in the microwave. Last week I placed 1st in the 4th Grade that earned me the “Chief Scientist” Certificate. I am very proud of it. I wanted to tell you thank you for your cool website. My teacher loves going to your workshops and showing us your videos too. We learn a whole lot from your website, kits, and books. Thank you very much! Oh! I was also so excited when I ordered a Sonic WackyPack Meal and got your Science Book!!! I did all of the experiments in class for my teacher and classmates. I am so glad that I can purchase some of your science kit items at Hobby Lobby too. I love buying them and showing my friends! Thanks for all you do for kids and teachers. My teacher told me that I should tell you about winning the Science Fair Project with your idea on Ivory Soap. She said that you would be proud of me. I copied your Steve Spangler website logo and displayed it on my Science Fair Project Board to show where I got my information.

Great job Grant! We share these pictures with permission from Grant and his parents.

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  1. Grant
    Grant says:

    Hi Elaine,
    I am Grant’s mom, Tomi Smith! I am Grant’s teacher this year! How cool that you replied! Mom still talks about you all the time. Please call her one day and keep in touch. This was meant to be! Tell everyone hello. I am teaching 4th Grade at S&S Elementary and I love it. Best wishes always!

  2. Cassandra
    Cassandra says:

    I have been having a lot of fun in this class. It is especially fun when we do educational experiments. The experinment we did on Friday was where we put pennies in balloons and blew up the balloons.(Not literally, but-you know what I mean.) Once the balloons were blown up with the pennies inside of them, we spun the balloons in circles so that the penny would spin around the inside of the balloon. Eventually, the penny would come down to the bottom of the balloons because of the gravitational force pulling on it. This experiment was based on Newton’s 3rd law, centripetal force.

  3. Taniah
    Taniah says:

    I really need a science fair projects.And also a 1st place projects.I wanted to do an experiment on smoking fire but my problem is i think that is not on my grade level.I am in the 4th grade i just really need a great science project, email me back if you can give some ideas or anything just please please please pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse help me!!!!!!!

  4. Gina
    Gina says:

    That is so cool! My son is doing the same experiment for school and he had lots of fun with it. Do you have pictures of your experiment and your board?

  5. teepee
    teepee says:

    Hi There,

    My daughter is in 4thgrade and she has to do a science fair project ad she is a GATE student. She needs some ideas for her science fair project. She has more flare towards space science and physics, but anything interesting would be good. Can you please give us some ideas!!!!



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