Mentos Geyser Explodes on Photography Blog

In our continuing quest to find interesting blogs and bloggers, we ran into Leah Simmers Photography Blog, where she was capturing her experience with Mentos and Diet Coke. Thanks to Leah for letting us share some her unique geyser pictures here. Check out Leah’s full blog post here. And yes, that is the Geyser Tube she’s using to launch that screaming geyser.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    We are going to be having our Power Lab VBS from July 28 – Aug. 1. We have been looking for the 5.5 ft. beaker, but Group has been out of this product for over a month. Does anyone have used VBS supplies, esp. the beaker, they are willing to sell or share?

  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    The 2nd night we were in ILLINOIS, The twins Veda and Meda Rives and Sherry showed us the Mentos Geyer early eveing around about 6 p.m. to see this huge Mento’s Geyser shoot up 3 feet into the air, but run fast or you’ll get wet from it. It was fun and exciting, so we brought one home with us to show to friends. But use mint mentos, into 2 liter diet coke. It goes higher… But you can mix fruit & mint mentos and it’s fun too! Stand back…and watch. It’s cool and fun for someone to see.

  3. Digital Snapper
    Digital Snapper says:

    Hmmm… As someone new to photography I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of information I still need to learn. However, the more i read posts like this, the more i learn. Thanks for moving me on a bit more 🙂


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