Best Educational Toys for 2005

Just last week our office took over 200 calls from people wanting our advice on buying “cool” educational toys. Among the callers were two network television producers and a slew of newspaper writers. So, here’s our favorite educational toys for the holiday season. We’d like to hear your suggestions as well.

Watch the video of Steve’s top choices for educational toys

Roller Coaster Science Kit Create a physically accurate representation of a real-world roller coaster – an office favorite.

AntWorks Ant Farm Habitat It’s like no ant farm you’ve ever seen – amazing!

Chemistry Set – C2000 Probably the best chemistry set on the market today.

Giga Ball Craw into a huge (49 inch diameter) inflatable ball. Check out the pictures and video!

Chemistry Set- C1000 75 amazing experiments using real lab supplies.

Airzooka It’s become legendary – shoot a safe blast of air across the room.

Amazing Volcano Kit Super instructions with lots of info to read about volcanoes while watching the eruption.

Boomwhackers The kids will be “whacking” sounds all day long… and learning about music.

Battery Science A cool science book and science kit combo from Klutz. Great stocking stuffer.

Insta-Snow Jar Okay, a personal favorite… but how can you celebrate the holidays without snow?

Rocky Candy Crystals Takes me back to childhood when we made rock candy – have fun and learn a little chemistry.

Big Bubble Book Explore the science of making HUGE bubbles.

Perfume Science Kit A guaranteed hit for your favorite female scientist – high quality, awesome kit.

Smoke Ring Generator Blast cool rings of smoke while learning about the science of a vortex.

Carpet Skates Turn your home into a skating rink… while learning about friction, of course.

Brock Microscope We sell a ton of these microscopes – great for kids age 4 through upper elementary. Rugged, simple design and high quality.

7 replies
  1. R. Cothron
    R. Cothron says:

    The magnet sticks and balls make an excellent gift. My students at school love them so I bought some for my daughters at home, and they love them also. It is amazing to see all the things they create!

  2. Harry Lee
    Harry Lee says:

    I highly recommend Insta-Snow. Then again, so does everybody else who’s seen it. Who doesn’t love expanding fluffy snow? It’s going to be a white (super-absorbant) Christmas!

  3. Oil Fragrance
    Oil Fragrance says:

    Agree with above comment, toys these days have become very sophisticated. They weren’t like this when I was a kid! Wish I could turn back the clock and become a kid again 🙁

  4. Jim Trip
    Jim Trip says:

    Very cool product. I remember this from a long time ago. The ants in my habitat were not the best artists but I guess it’s all chance. The manufacturer, Fascinations, of this product is always coming up with really cool stuff. I filled in the website as b/c I think that’s the place I purchased the AntWorks habitat I had before.


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