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I can’t believe UPS did it!

Lots and lots of teachers do the “egg drop” activity with their students. Basically, here’s how it works… each child gets an egg and some parameters for making a container that will protect the egg and keep it from breaking if it were dropped. The teacher usually perches herself high atop the roof of the school and tosses the boxes (or whatever contraption the kids come up with) to the ground as crowds of kids scream with delight. It’s great fun to hear the cheers and an occasional “darn!” when the egg drop engineers open their containers.

I had an idea several weeks ago as I was planning my upcoming television segments for November. What if I a group of 5th graders challenge the the packaging experts at UPS (you know, the guys in the brown truck) to an egg drop contest. Better yet, what if we did it on live TV? Would “corporate” allow such a contest? What if the egg broke? Click on the video link below to watch the showdown between a team of eight 5th graders from Village East Elementary in Colorado and two packaging experts from UPS.

Watch the Egg Drop video

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