Scavenger Hunt with an Egg Carton – Genius!

My family and I made our way to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to visit a long-time friend and amazing teacher, Jeanne Lodwick. While eating breakfast, “Miss Jeanne” told my oldest boy (Jack – 6 years old) that he was going on a treasure hunt after breakfast at Steamboat Lake. She gave Jack an empty egg carton and said, “This is where you will keep all of the treasures that you’ll find on our walk.” Using a Sharpie Pen, she numbered each of the empty spaces 1 through 12. On an index card, Jeanne wrote down 12 characteristics of the rocks she wanted Jack to find – rough, smooth, flat, round and so on. Jack set out on his “rock hunt” which kept him busy for the better part of the morning until the task was complete.

I’m reminded that great teachers are in the business of sharing their teaching “gems” at any time. Jeanne’s scavenger hunt activity is loaded with the skills we strive to teach each day. In order to complete the task, Jack had count, compare, classify, observe and measure.

And yes, you guessed correctly… I’m saving egg cartons and frantically writing down scavenger hunt ideas for our students. The trick is to come up with object that fit into the egg carton spaces. Rocks are great, but what else might work?

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  1. someone who's brand new to this
    someone who's brand new to this says:

    how does this work?? i don’t know how to do this experiment, it’s an experiment, right?? i’m new to this and need a bit of help, ok, maybe a lot of help!! could someone possibly please help me?? i would really appreciate it!! thank you!! from: a confused person

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    It’s not an experiment but rather a clever way to organize supplies for scavenger hunt. It’s really for young children.

  3. also brand new.
    also brand new. says:

    Does anyone have any good ideas for a scavenger hunt for my soon to be 15 year old’s birthday party? She would really like me to organize one for her, but I am not a very creative person, and would like some help. It is a boy/girl party.

  4. Ardis
    Ardis says:

    This is a wonderful activity for categorization which require all the skills you mentioned.

    Outdoors: shells, small leaves
    Indoors: coins, small toys, stamps, stickers

    For larger items, one could put 12 envelopes in a pile with the opening at the top – then staple them together on the left side. Sort of like a “book of envelopes”. Use the same way as the egg carton.


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