STEM Science Experiments for Kids

Newton’s Antics Science Kit

  • Includes experiments with motion, momentum and beads that defy gravity.
  • Be amazed when a string of beads ignores you completely and obeys Newton’s Laws instead.
  • Five total experiments included in Newton’s Antics Kit.

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  • Experiments with motion, momentum, and beads that defy gravity
  • Be amazed when a string of beads ignores you completely and obeys Newton instead
STEM Science Kit - Newton's Antics Science Kit


Learn About Newton’s Three Laws of Motion!

Newton’s Law’s of Motion STEM Experiment Kit

Experiment with motion, learn about momentum and get hands-on with gravity with the Newton’s Antics STEM Science Kit. Children will be excited to explore Newton’s three laws of motion through five different experiments that will guide them through the concepts of inertia, momentum and gravity. You can prepare your child for future science classes through unique and easy-to-understand activities with falling hex nuts, stop-and-go spheres and more. This Newton science kit is fantastic for parents, teachers and anyone else who wants to foster a love of learning in their young physicists.

Turn this Newton science kit into a group learning activity with challenges designed for up to four children. Encourage them to collaborate to solve the Newton’s laws experiments and step in when extra help is needed. You can also get in on the fun yourself and guide children through the steps, giving them the opportunity to do the fun parts while you explain the importance of each lesson. Get a jump start on the next science fair project by creating a larger, more in-depth presentation on one of the Newton’s laws experiments in the kit. Show others the magic of Newton’s laws to quickly build confidence with STEM and get children invested in learning more about science.

STEM Experiments Kit: An Unforgettable Learning Experience

Each Newton’s Antics STEM Science Kit includes everything you need to conduct all five experiments, suggestions for take-it-further activities and challenges for up to four children. You’ll also receive a colorful activity guide for your young scientist with step-by-step instructions for each lab, along with questions and extra challenges.

What Are Newton’s Laws of Motion and Gravity?

The First Law of Motion says that any object in motion will continue to move in the same direction and speed unless something forces it to change. The Second Law of Motion says that the greater the mass of any object, the more force it takes to move or accelerate it. The Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is always an opposite and equal reaction.

What Can Newton’s Antics STEM Science Kit Teach Us?

This Newton science kit reveals what’s behind the First Law of Motion with simple objects and great stunts. Gravity, friction, inertia and centripetal force come into play with every activity in this STEM experiments kit. You’ll discover that a slight adjustment or change can easily alter an outcome, opening the door for more creative experimentation.

STEM Science Kit - Newton's Antics Science Kit

Newton’s Laws Experiments for Teachers, Parents & Grandparents!

These Newton’s laws experiments aren’t just for young scientists! Adults and science fans of all ages will find these STEM science experiments engaging and educational.

STEM Science Kit - Newton's Antics Science Kit

Make a Science Fair Connection

The take-it-further challenges featured throughout the Newton science kit are great starting points for any science fair project. With help and guidance from the adult science helper, it will be easy to focus in on any one of the experiments and create a great science fair project.

STEM Science Kit - Newtons Antics

5 Experiments Included

Falling Hex Nut
Inertia Ring Drop
Spinning Penny in a Balloon
Stop-and-Go Pendulum
Newton’s Beads

What’s Included?

  • Newton’s Antics STEM Science Kit*
  • Five experiments
  • Suggested take-it-further activities
  • Activity guide

*Newton’s Antics STEM Science Kit includes:

  • Bead Strand – 50 feet
  • Six clear latex balloons
  • 5-by-2-inch card
  • Definition card
  • Four 1/4-inch silver zinc hex nuts
  • Stop-and-go pendulum
  • Yellow ring
  • Clear PET Cup – 24 ounces
  • Clear Bottle – 16 ounces
  • Instruction cards

Recommended for children ages 8 and older with adult supervision.

The Newton science kit comes with the essential materials you’ll need to conduct many experiments, take-it-further activities and challenges for 1 – 4 children per kit.

You’ll also receive a colored activity guide for the scientist. The easy, step-by-step instructions will guide the learner through the scientific method while providing open-ended activities to promote further learning. Best of all, you’ll receive helpful tips and suggestions for ways to work with your child to create an unforgettable learning experience.

More Than Just Newton’s Laws of Motion Experiments

There is so much more than Newton’s laws of motion experiments in this science kit. Young scientists and families alike will find engaging Newton science projects that foster a sense of wonder and imagination, as well as bring them together. Our Newton’s Antics STEM Science Kit is a gateway to deeper understanding of the world around us and, in turn, a gateway to fostering deeper connections between parents and their children. By engaging in this Newton science kit, parents and children can create long lasting memories. 

Discover Even More STEM Science Kits

Take your young learner on a deeper exploration into the wonders of science with a subscription to our monthly STEM science kit club. The Steve Spangler Science Club is a terrific gift idea that gives children engaging, educational activities to look forward to every month. You can purchase STEM science kits individually or over a several-month period, with our lowest plan starting at three months! Take your young one beyond Newton’s Antics STEM Science Kit with a monthly science kit subscription that they can look forward to! With our Steve Spangler Science Club, you’ll have the opportunity to create memories with your young one, one STEM science kit at a time.

Warning - Balloons - Choking Hazard

Adult supervision required. Ages 8+.

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