STEM Kits for Kids

At Steve Spangler Science, we pride ourselves on building STEM science kits for kids that make learning fun. If you want your young student to engage with their work, messing around with wild and creative STEM kits for kids is a good place to start!

Sure, the STEM science kits we’ve been making for more than two decades (we’re always coming up with new ideas as well) might challenge your students — but that’s the point. You want to rev up all of the cylinders in those young brains, letting your pupils figure out how our STEM kits work on their own. The good news is that our fun STEM experiment kits will also keep your children entertained and enthralled. That’s our promise, and at Steve Spangler Science, it’s a promise we’ve delivered for decades. Find out for yourself why our STEM kits for kids are rated among the best on the market.

An Assortment of STEM Experiment Kits

From science experiments with water, including STEM kits that let kids grow colorful jelly-crystal polymer critters, to fun science experiments that teach children about solar energy and UV light — as well as about the dangers of prolonged exposure to the sun and the protective properties of good sunblock — we’ve got heaps of interactive STEM teaching projects to keep kids busy for days.

You asked for it, You got it! Customize any STEM kit you’d like, and choose any combination of kits. Click here to Mix and Match STEM Science Kits!

Explore Fun Experiments With Our STEM Science Kits

If you know anything about Steve Spangler Science, you know we’re all about having loads of fun (with adult supervision, of course). The ultimate goal, no matter how many giggles, laughs or gasps of amazement our STEM science kits produce, is to educate.

STEM is here to stay. Fun and playful, yet thoughtfully designed science experiment kits from Steve Spangler Science can help you teach the next generation about the incredible world and universe they live in. Explore our STEM science kits with your young scientist, and build memories together while learning about the world around you. 

Looking for a STEM Kit Subscription?

Join our Steve Spangler Science Club, and make sure that the memories you create in exploring our STEM science kits with your child never end. Select from different monthly plan options, order, and watch your recurring scientific discovery begin. The more months you order, the more you’ll save.