STEM Science Experiments for Kids

Physics Science Kit

  • Exciting activities will teach kids how gravity, movement and patience reveal how balance and energy play an important role in daily life.
  • Each kit includes all the supplies you need to amaze your friends and conduct the four included experiments and challenges designed for up to four children.

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STEM Science Kit - Physics Science Kit
  • Exciting activities will teach how gravity, movement and even patience reveal how balance and energy play an important role in daily life
  • This kit includes all the supplies you will need to amaze your friends
STEM Science Kit - Physics Science Kit

Physics Science Kits for Kids

Gravity, Movement and Patience

Have you ever really thought about how you move? Why you move? What causes you to move or not move? Without even realizing it, with every step, every action and every turn of the head, you are engaging with physics. In our Physics Science Kit, you’ll learn some of the answers to these questions and more. 

You may have never thought about where or what your center of gravity is or how it impacts your daily actions. Balance usually only comes to mind when you slip on an icy sidewalk, try to stand up on skis or get that funny feeling on a roller coaster.

The simple physics experiments included in this kit focus on gravity, movement and patience to reveal how balance and energy play a key role in our day-to-day lives. Whether kids are constructing a pendulum, balancing 11 nails on the head of a single nail or creating an explosion of popsicle sticks, they’re sure to have a blast with this physics kit.

Fun Physics Science Kit for Kids

Physics doesn’t have to be complicated. With this hands-on Physics Science Kit from Steve Spangler, children can learn about basic scientific principles through activities that are fun and engaging. Every physics kit comes with six experiments, and each experiment focuses on a different concept designed to get kids interested in physics. A few of the exciting experiments include balancing nails, making a floating root beer bottle and crafting popping popsicle sticks. Each activity is safe and easy for kids to understand. Guide them through experiments with thoughtful lessons or let them tackle the activities on their own. With group activities for up to four children, the Physics Science Kit can make for a great addition to the classroom.

In addition to six experiments, this physics kit includes step-by-step instructions, a colorful activity guide, questions for learning, activities for further understanding and everything you need to make physics fun and meaningful for kids. These simple experiments focus on properties that play a fascinating role in our daily lives, and kids will be blown away by the world around them. These physics experiment kits will not only prepare young scientists for future classes and science fairs but will instill in them a lifelong love of STEM.

STEM Science Kit - Physics Science Kit

Physics Science Kits for Teachers, Parents & Grandparents!

These physical science lab kits are more than just hours of entertainment for kids! They’re educational lessons that adults and science fans of all types will find engaging and exciting.

STEM Science Kit - Physics Science Kit

Weave These Colorful Sticks Together and an Energetic Explosion Reveals a Dazzling Display of Flying Sticks and Colors! 

When you have the chain length you want, you let go. All of the stored potential energy is converted down the line in a chain-reaction of kinetic energy! 

STEM Science Kit - Physics Science Kit

6 Experiments Included

Floating Root Beer Bottle
Balancing Nail Puzzle
Ring Catch
Exploding Popsicle Sticks
Balancing Fuzzy Sticks
Balancing Stick Challenge

Physics Science Kit: Making Physics Meaningful and Fun

Introduce young students to the concepts of energy, balance and motion with the Physics Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science. This kit is a great way to give children some hands-on experience with the basic laws of physics in a way that they will remember. The six experiments in the physics kit demonstrate principles like potential and kinetic energy, as well as gravity and balance. Experiments are easy to perform and come with complete instructions, as well as suggestions for activities to take the exploration even further. Future scientists can work in groups of up to four and develop communication and collaboration skills that they will be able to use all their lives, even outside of the lab. The Physics Science Kit is an innovative way to help children learn important concepts of physics in a way that will make sense to them.

What’s Included:

  • Physics STEM Science Kit*
  • Six experiments
  • Suggested take-it-further activities
  • Activity guide

*Physics STEM Science Kit Includes:

  • Two root beer component sets – plastic root beer bottle, cotton string and clear ball
  • Nails with red nail board
  • Popsicle stick – 50-pack
  • Steel rings and cotton string
  • White pipe cleaner
  • Six zinc hex nuts – ¼ inch
  • Instruction cards

Adult supervision required. Recommended for children ages eight and up.

Create Memories With the Physics Science Kit

Together, you and your child can explore all of the amazing experiments that this physical science lab kit has to offer. Each experiment offers an activity that encourages learning and fun. In completing each activity in this physics experiment kit, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with your young scientist and gain a greater understanding of the real world around you both. The moments of experimentation and joy that you will share together will create long lasting memories that you can cherish forever. 

Join the Steve Spangler Science Club Today!

Want even more exciting STEM science kits like this one? Join the Steve Spangler Science Club, and get a kit just like our Physics Science Kit delivered to your door every month! Sign up for as few as three months, and look forward to exhilarating science kits delivered straight to your front door! Our Steve Spangler Science Club makes a great gift idea for the young scientist in your life, and it’s a gift that can spark a lifelong quest for scientific knowledge.

Popsicle Stick Reaction

Adult supervision required. Do not ingest. Ages 8+.

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