Force and Motion Products, Experiments and FUN

Get hands-on experience that shows the Bernoulli principle and the properties of air pressure with the One Breath Bernoulli Bag. Introduce your young scientist to the science behind flight with our Balloon Powered Helicopter. Demonstrate the power of compressed air by launching potato plugs through the air with our Potato Launcher to give a hands-on demonstration about Boyle’s Law, the Kinetic Theory of Gases and Newton’s Laws of Motion. Each of our force and motion products and experiments come with the accessories you need — just add some simple, easy-to-find household items, a responsible adult and some curiosity. With each of our products, you’ll also receive an activity guide and teaching materials that further explain the science behind these phenomena.

Steve Spangler Science: Inspiring the Next Generation of STEMologists

Steve Spangler Science puts the “wow” factor back into science; our goal is to inspire the next generations of STEMologists. Our force and motion products, experiments and demonstrations are fantastic after-school activities, classroom kits, STEM club activities and more. Our website is chock full of products, science and experiments that you can do at home. Check out our online experiment library, one of the largest and most respected go-to resources for parents and educators. Don’t miss our science fair ideas, lab supplies, science kits and other great deals!