• Sensory Fun BundleSensory Fun Bundle

    Sensory Fun Bundle

  • STEM Science Kit - Newtons AnticsSTEM Science Kit - Newton's Antics Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Newton’s Antics

  • STEM Science Kit - Water Science KitSTEM Science Kit - Water Science Kit

    STEM Science Kit: Water Science STEM Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - BubblologySTEM Science Kit - Bubblology

    STEM Science Kit: Bubblology Science Kit

  • Family Fun Science Night – MagicFamily Fun Science Night

    Family Fun Science Night Magic Kit

  • Dinner Table Science

    STEM Science Kit: Dinner Table Science

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  • Energy Stick Science SetEnergy Stick Science Set

    Energy Stick® Science Kit

  • STEM Science Kit - Power of AirSTEM Science Kit - Power of Air

    STEM Science Kit: Power of Air STEM Science Kit

  • Energy Stick ConductorEnergy Stick Conductor

    Energy Stick Conductor

  • At Home Science - Tornado TubeAt Home Science - Tornado Tube

    At Home Science – Tornado Tube

  • At Home Science - Screaming BalloonsAt Home Science - Screaming Balloons

    At Home Science – Screaming Balloon

  • At Home Science - Bouncing BubblesAt Home Science - Bouncing Bubbles

    At Home Science – Bouncing Bubbles

  • At Home Science - Water SuspensionAt Home Science - Water Suspension

    At Home Science – Water Suspension

  • Oobleck!


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  • STEM Camp

    STEM Camp (5 Complete Kits)

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Physics Principles through Fun Activities

Explore physics principles and get your kids thinking about the world around them. Each of our hands-on physics activities and products takes a scientific idea and demonstrates how that idea can be replicated. Learn more about kinetic and potential energy with the Tornado Tube or the Bounce No Bounce Balls. Get some hands-on experimenting in that focuses on inertia and potential energy with Newton’s Beads as well as other fun and inspirational activities that will get them thinking about all of the amazing physics laws in the world.

Unique Physics Demonstrations and Products

Steve Spangler Science is dedicated to providing unique science experiences that are guaranteed to impress. From explosions, erupting potions to flying toilet paper, Steve Spangler Science has changed how children of all ages learn about science. Thanks to the online platform of YouTube, our reach has expanded even further. Between our online demonstrations and our at-home, affordable physics experiments and products, there is a wealth of resources for that Kip Thorne in the making in your home!

Steve Spangler Science: Physics, Experiments and Labs

Shop our over 350 products, each which has been developed by an amazing team of engineers, scientists and educators to help get the next generation of scientists pumped up and ready to learn more. For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler science has provided easy experiments that effectively demonstrate how science works. Quite simply, Steve Spangler Science has some of the coolest science and coolest physics activities available for you and your family, often which use simple items found around your home. In addition to our home physics products and kits, don’t miss our At Home Table Tricks, At Home Polymer Fun and At Home Chemistry Fun for kids!

Adult supervision required.