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Steve Spangler Science has more than a quarter-century of experience making STEM education relatable and accessible for children — and most importantly of all, loads of fun.

The raison d’être for the good (and science-loving) folks at Steve Spangler Science is to help make the job of educators and parents easier by creating awe-inspiring science experiment kits for kids that are built to impress.

New STEM Science Kits and Beyond

Sometimes, when children think about STEM, they associate it with negative experiences or emotions, but that’s entirely avoidable. Learning should be fun. And it is with Steve Spangler Science’s STEM activity kits.

Our newest science experiments for kids, designed by our team of STEM-focused educators, will get children of all ages fired up about STEM. Passion for science is encouraged through big, colorful and exhilarating experiments that occasionally go boom (not to worry, there’s nothing truly dangerous in our catalog of science kits, but adult supervision is always required for safety), froth or bubble in gorgeous ways while demonstrating the fundamental properties of the universe we live in.

Steve Spangler Science Experiment Kits for Kids

Steve Spangler Science experiment kits for kids run the gamut when it comes to play and imagination. From multi-hued slime (what inquisitive child doesn’t love gooey slime?) to our latest chemistry, physics, biology science experiments and more, the imaginative brains at Steve Spangler Science have created an array of activities that will teach your children about the sun, stars, weather, our planet’s biological diversity, along with the physical forces that move them all.

Easy science, for kids, is made a heck of a lot simpler to teach when children are engaged in what they’re doing — and having a blast while learning. Establish a lifelong love for STEM with Steve Spangler Science.