Color Fizzing Tablets

100 Pack

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  • Fizzing tub tint tablets for true color mixing
  • 1 tablet can color up to 1 liter of water
  • Fizzers come in 100 packs with an assortment of the primary colors: blue, red, and yellow
  • Won’t stain hands or surfaces

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Color Fizzers - True Color Tablets
  • Fizzing tub tint tablets for true color mixing
  • 1 tablet can color up to 1 liter of water
  • Fizzers come in 100 pack
  • Won’t stain hands or surfaces
Color Fizzers - True Color Tablets

Color Fizzing Tablets for Science Experiments

Kids love the magic of mixing colors, and with our Color Fizzing Tablets, we get kids excited about scientific exploration and experimentation. Watch magic happen before your eyes with our water coloring tablets. Just a single Color Fizzing Tablet creates an array of colorful bubbles that can color up to one liter of water.

Our fizzing color tablets come in the three primary colors and are made from natural pigments, non-toxic citric acid, baking soda and a binding agent. These water-soluble color tablets react with the water to release lively carbon dioxide gas, which mixes the pigments together and provides kids with long-lasting fun. 

Unlike messy food coloring tablets or dye pellets that stain surfaces, clothing and hands, our pack of 100 Color Fizzing Tablets won’t ruin anything in your home.

A Colorful Science Lesson for All Ages

At Steve Spangler Science, we provide all of the tools you need to inspire kids and cultivate a lifelong love of science. With these 100 water coloring tablets, you can transform water before their eyes. 

Need some ideas for water coloring tablet experiments? How about the following:

•Mix and match tablets for a color-changing science experiment. You can teach kids how to mix up to seven colors with just three primary colors and create a rainbow in your kitchen or classroom.

•Check out some of our polymer beads, like our Jelly Marbles™ or our Jelly Cubes, and add them into your fizzy colored water to create colorful polymer pieces. 

Using our water color-changing tablets and various amounts of sugar, you can create a rainbow in a jar. Your kids will be amazed at how the different colors sit on top of each other instead of mixing when you add sugar to the water.

Our true Color Fizzing Tablets are great for hours of after-school fun or for a classroom experiment. Our Color Fizzing Tablets impart a lesson about the color wheel to kids of all ages, making this a great way to show students where art and science meet.

Color Fizzers - True Color Tablets

What Colors Are Included?

Color Fizzing Tablets from Steve Spangler Science come in the three primary colors: blue, red and yellow. This makes our water coloring tablets perfect for blending colors and discovering new ones.

Color Fizzers - True Color Tablets

Combine to Create up to Seven Colors

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and magenta — the possibilities for color combinations are endless. Mix, match and mix some more. Need a place to start? Couple the red and blue water coloring tablets together to make your own lavender water, or combine the yellow and blue tablets to create a liter of eerie green liquid. From there, experiment with mixing different colored tablets together to see what they make.

What Does It Teach?

Using our Color Fizzing Tablets is a great way to learn about the color wheel without staining your hands, clothes or any other surface you’re working on. Painting with watercolors can get messy. Food coloring ruins pretty much everything it touches. Our Color Fizzing Tablets, on the other hand, are made for good, clean fun. These water color-changing tablets allow kids to be creative without creating a permanent mess.

What’s Included?

This pack includes 100 Color Fizzing Tablets tablets in blue, red and yellow.

Color Fizzing Tablet Frequently Asked Questions

Color Fizzing Tablets are entirely non-toxic. However, non-toxic does not mean that they are a tasty snack. Trust us, we have tried.

Nope! Our water coloring tablets are specifically designed to not stain. That’s just one of the many awesome things about them.

No, Color Fizzing Tablets are designed to color different types of liquids and don’t pack the power to stain objects such as Easter Eggs.

A pack holds the three primary colors, which makes it perfect for color mixing!

Go Beyond Color Fizzing Tablets with More Fun STEM Science Experiments

At Steve Spangler Science, our goal is to get kids excited about science. We’ve brought the wow factor back to science experiments by thinking from a kid’s perspective. For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has brought a new level of engagement to STEM learning, inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. Find more of our exciting STEM Science Kits, and explore a whole new world of scientific discovery and exploration with your child.

Our collection of learning materials, science kits and bestsellers  includes over 350 products created by top-notch educators, scientists and engineers. We’re positive that our Color Fizzing Tablets will produce oohs, ahhs and lifelong memories. 

Don’t miss out on our other kits and products that will open up your child’s eyes to the world around them with accessible, age-appropriate scientific experiments. Steve Spangler Science has creative, out-of-the-box ways to learn chemistry, physics and biology concepts. Find more amazing STEM science kits and toys online at the Steve Spangler Store.

Adult supervision required.

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