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Slime - Vampire Color-Changing Formula - 32 oz

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Quick Overview

The most amazing DIY slime recipe out there. Created by Steve Spangler, Vampire Slime turns from eerie green to blood red when you hold it up to the light. Battery-powered black light included. You will love this DIY slime experience.


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Vampire Slime looks and feels like the same high quality slime that our customers have come to trust, but something is different! Vampire Slime turns from eerie GREEN to blood RED when you hold it up to the light. Maybe that's why we call it Vampire Slime!

You get 32 ounces of color-changing Vampire Slime and battery-powered ultra-violet light to expose the fluorescent dye in the slime formula.

Vampire Slime is a great illustration of how our eyes see light that is reflected off of an opaque substance or transmitted through a translucent material. There's lots of science behind this very cool twist on slime.

What's Included?

  • 32 oz (1 liter) of Vampire Slime Goo
  • 16 oz (500 mL) of Cross-Linker Solution
  • Handheld Battery Powered Black Light (Four AA-batteries not included)
  • Activity guide

This is the perfect amount of slime for a classroom of 25 students.

How Does It Work?

Here's the secret... Vampire Slime contains a dye that actually creates a unique special effect. At most angles the slime absorbs all light frequencies except green, which is why our eyes see it as green. But light passing directly through the slime appears red because the special dye is absorbing all of the light except for red, which means that light is two separate things when it comes in contact with slime.

Vampire Slime actually glows green under ultra-violet light. That's why we've included a handheld, battery-powered black light with this kit.

Our slime recipe is based on the classic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) formula with sodium tetraborate as the cross-linking agent. What makes our slime formulation unlike anything else on the market is the addition of our stabilizing agents that help to reduce the growth of bacteria while preserving the stretchy, stringy, gooey properties of slime that everyone loves. Turn this ever popular science activity into a real learning experience that is filled with real fun.

What Does It Teach?

Slime can be used to introduce the concepts of chemical bonding, cross-linking of molecules and the properties of polymers. Students can literally feel how the cross-linking agent goes to work linking together the long chains of molecules that make up the polyvinyl alcohol solution. With the addition of the special "vampire" dye, this slime kit beautifully demonstrates the properties of reflected light and transmitted light with a very cool color change.

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