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Jelly Marbles: The Versatility of Polymers

I love to play with Water Jelly Marbles.  These polymer orbs have so many uses, from play to gardening to home decorating to party fun and who only knows how many other uses.

Just add water!

Just add water!

Who could ever guess that a pinch of tiny rock-hard “things” would grow into beautiful crystal-clear orbs, hundreds of times their original size!

The snow is finally gone and the weather has been spring-like for a few days, and this always makes me want to have fresh flowers in my house.  In my house, fresh flowers in a vase also means getting out the Jelly Marbles.  The marbles are often used in gardening of all kinds because when hydrated, they are mostly water and will keep your plants hydrated for weeks.

That’s right.  If there are Jelly Marbles (or Water Jelly Crystals) underneath each of your flowers or vegetables, you can go on vacation and not worry about your garden.  These water polymers are also used by farmers and in dry areas, to help keep the plants hydrated.  But I digress.  Back to ME.

Just a pinch of dried-out Jelly Marbles in a vase, and in an hour they look like this:

These started out as just a pinch. Seriously, just a pinch.

These started out as just a pinch. Seriously, just a pinch.

Now, I could have left the flowers in the Jelly Marbles and they would have been fine.  But I wanted to take the magic a step further.

Now you see 'em, now you don't.

Now you see ’em, now you don’t.

Oh, the water jelly marbles are still there.  I just added some water.  The clear Water Jelly Marbles are now invisible.  If you put your hand in there, they would feel like eyeballs.

When the orbs start to show, that means I need to add more water.

Fresh flowers brighten up the home, don't you think?

Fresh flowers brighten up the home, don’t you think?

Polymer science is one of my favorite areas, and Steve Spangler Science’s magical Water Jelly Marbles are one of my favorite products.  They’re inexpensive, and a pinch goes a long way.  They’re also versatile; if you get tired of the way you’ve been using them, just put them in a bowl and let them dry out.  When you’re ready to use them again, add water and they’ll burst into bloom.

Just a little pinch goes a loooong way!

Just a little pinch goes a loooong way!

Why not order some today?  It’s time to think about gardening. and it’s always time for some science play!

TIP – For St. Patrick’s Day – add a few drops of green food coloring to your vase of orbs!  They take the color beautifully and last a long time!  Don’t know if you believe that?  Then check this out –

Seven years old and still going strong!


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