Dismembered Body Parts: Day Five

Dismembered body parts: day five?  What happened to Day Four?

Sorry about day four.  I went to a Renaissance Faire dressed like Minerva McGonagall.  Any questions?

Moving right along to Day Five, the polymer body parts have almost filled the jar.  All but two of them are still floating, but one of the noses is on the bottom of the jar.  Do you know why?

That nose didn't stand a chance against the alligator!

That nose didn’t stand a chance against the alligator!

The alligator is pushing the nose down to the bottom of the jar, that’s why. The nose WANTS to float, along with its friends the brain, the hand, the ear, and the rest of the gang, but when you’re just a nose and an alligator is pushing you around, the alligator is going to win.

Oh, and the cat is still wondering what on earth has happened to her tabletop naptime spot.  You can almost hear her thinking, “What is all this scary stuff doing on my nappy spot?”  Several times a day, she pushes everything around to make a space for her nap.

Okay, YOU try to move her.

Photobombed by a big black cat.

Photobombed by a big black cat.


Jane GoodwinJane Goodwin is a professor of expository writing at Ivy Tech Community College, a hands-on science teacher for College for Kids, a professional speaker and writer, and a social media liaison  for Steve Spangler Science.  She wanted to be a ballerina and an astronaut, but gravity got the better of her.

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  1. Jim Andre
    Jim Andre says:

    I was a chemistry teacher at Walnut Ridge H.S. In Columbus. Is it possible you are from the same Spanglers that we’re in my class?


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