dismembered body parts



Until Next Year, Polymer Body Parts

Halloween is over and it's time to put away the polymer body parts, but first, let's compare what they look like at the end of October with what they looked like at the beginning of October. Watching a polymer grow is always fun;  with…

Dismembered Body Parts: Day 31

Check out our dismembered body parts now!  Skipped a few days, do you think?  I got busy playing with other polymers with my students - pictures to follow. When last we left our dismembered body parts, the hypothesis was that the polymer…

Dismembered Body Parts: Day 9

I've missed a few days since Day One, but the point remains that our hydrogel polymer dismembered body parts just keep on growing.  Kind of as if they were real. . . . Remember how tiny each of these dismembered pieces used to be? Two…

Dismembered Body Parts: Day Five

Dismembered body parts: day five?  What happened to Day Four? Sorry about day four.  I went to a Renaissance Faire dressed like Minerva McGonagall.  Any questions? Moving right along to Day Five, the polymer body parts have almost filled…