Dismembered Body Parts: Day 9

I’ve missed a few days since Day One, but the point remains that our hydrogel polymer dismembered body parts just keep on growing.  Kind of as if they were real. . . .

I need to add more water!

I need to add more water! The dismembered body parts need room to grow!

Remember how tiny each of these dismembered pieces used to be? Two inches, and all of them together not covering the bottom of the big jar, and now? Pretty soon they’ll be outgrowing the jar! I wonder if they’ll push the lid off. . . Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Hypothesis: If the jar’s lid is not screwed on tightly, the hydrogel polymer dismembered body parts will push the lid off and completely outgrow this jar.

Therefore, I’ll unscrew the lid, add more water, and set the lid back on loosely.

And now we wait.


Jane GoodwinJane Goodwin is a professor of expository writing at Ivy Tech Community College, a hands-on science teacher for College for Kids, a professional speaker and writer, and a social media liaison  for Steve Spangler Science.  She wanted to be a ballerina and an astronaut, but gravity got the better of her.

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