Students Break World Record for Longest Human Electrical Circuit Using Energy Stick

After several practice runs and dress rehearsals, the students at Coulson Tough Elementary in The Woodlands, Texas broke the World Record for the world’s longest human electrical circuit on October 24, 2013.

The students at Tough Elementary in Texas broke the World Record for longest human electrical circuit

Every student in the school, from kindergarten to sixth grade participated in holding hands in a giant circle around the playground to complete an electrical circuit. The school used an Energy Stick from Steve Spangler Science that buzzed and lit up when the circuit was complete.

“The idea began with a science experiment and expanded to this activity,” stated Julie English, Tough Principal.

The record-breaking activity was in honor of Red Ribbon Week, the largest and oldest drug prevention campaign in the country. Tough Elementary called their event, “Banding Together Against Drugs.” The students wore red and all banded together to say “No” to drugs.

During practice runs, the students held hands while teachers told them to think positive thoughts. The students yelled “Think Positive!” while the Energy Stick buzzed.

Their unofficial total was 1,113 students and a circle that measured 1,830′ 3″. The previous record was held by Nacogdoches with about 700 students.

Longest Human Electrical Circuit from Mark Barbieri on Vimeo.

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