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Best Science and Educational YouTube Channels

Steve Spangler Science has an incredible following on our three YouTube channels – The Spangler Effect, Sick Science! Experiments and Spangler Science TV. Our video team is dedicated to bring the best experiments and science programming to our viewers. They work hard every week setting off Mentos Soda Geysers in the parking lot, popsicle sticks in the studio and researching all of the science behind everything we do.

  • The Spangler Effect is our weekly online science show that goes in-depth on some of the most popular and new experiments from Steve Spangler.
  • Sick Science! features easy to do experiments and activities you can do at home or in the classroom.
  • Spangler Science TV offers videos and experiments from all of Steve Spangler’s television appearances.


We also enjoy watching and following all of the amazing work that is shared on YouTube education channels everyday. So much so that we thought we’d share some of our favorites for kids, parents and teachers. All offer something different and educational. This is what we watch at the Steve Spangler Labs –

Science Giants


Independent Science

  • Minute Physics – Science questions answered and broken down quickly and thoroughly with drawings to illustrate.
  • ASAP Science – Similar to Minute Physics – mini science lessons illustrated through wipe board drawings.
  • The Slow Mo Guys – 2 guys run video experiments and slow them down to investigate what really happens.
  • Smarter Every Day – science videos exploring the world and answering the question of why.
  • Vsauce – answers to ordinary and astounding science questions, and mind-blowing facts.
  • Sci Show – discussions and questions on science news today.


Education and Lifelong Learning

  • Soulpancake – a huge variety of videos and programming to make you open your heart and your mind, including the very popular Kid President.
  • Crash Course – Six courses to learn from – US History, Chemistry, World History, Biology, Literature, and Ecology.
  • Google in Education – News, tips, stories and more
  • PBS – Programming, children’s videos and more
  • Edutopia – for tech-savvy teachers, promoting online learning.
  • TED Talks – lectures, demonstrations and lessons in 18 minutes from icons and geniuses.  incredible lectures, demonstrations and performances spanning every discipline imaginable.
  • Learning Channel – Lessons for grades 7 through 12.
  • Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls – Exploring cultures and the world along with advice from Amy Poehler



  • Karen Mensing – 2nd grade teacher, YouTube Teacher Star, Arizona’s Gifted Teacher of the Year 2011, Teacher of the Year 2012.
  • WowMath – Mr. Robb’s math lectures on Algebra and Calculus.




  • Teach Mama – Tips and advice for parents to help navigate learning everyday with your child. 
  • Inspiration Labs – Encouraging learning through creativity and play. Activities and science experiments.
  • Emma Vanstone – Fun loving mum of three.
  • Play Learn Grow – “A Place for Moms of all ages, nations, Teachers and Children to Play, Learn and Grow together.”

Want even more YouTube education channels? Check out 100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers and Edudemic’s Best Video Sites for Teachers.


What have we missed? What are your favorite YouTube Channels? Leave us a comment below with a link and we will consider adding it to our list.

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