Leprechauns Beware: Beautiful Trap Ahead

Ann and her granddaughter shared their leprechaun trap with us earlier this week. They used our leprechaun trap as inspiration but “made it more girly.” Instead of PVC pipe, they made a tree from branches with green glitter and added green Lucky Charms for leaves. The bait is also Lucky Charms Double Clover Leaf edition. When the leprechaun tries to steal the Lucky Charms, the trap will spring. The trap is cleverly disguised in a pot of gold. The pot has a hole on the bottom and will cover the leprechaun and trap it inside.

We haven’t heard if the trap was successful overnight.

Did you try to capture a leprechaun? What kind of trap did you build and what did you use for bait?

Update: Ann and her granddaughter Makayla gave us an update on how their trap fared  – “Unfortunately, the leprechaun escaped today. He left us a note saying good try & better luck next year. Those leprechauns are pretty tricky. Ours sprung all the traps in the classroom & left green footprints everywhere!”

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