Science Secrets of Leprechauns Revealed

Next to Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite holiday of mine. From the first year the leprechauns turned our water green, I have worked hard to uncover the secrets of the leprechauns.

My crack team of Leprechaun Specialists have discovered how the sneaky little guys turn water and snow green, lay eggs and uncover hidden rainbows.

The leprechaun science doesn’t end there. Leprechauns maybe small, but they eat large sandwiches. The secret is in an inflatable eight-foot sandwich bag that is blown up with only one breath. They also make jewelry out of leprechaun beads that change color in the sunlight.

Don’t forget to build your leprechaun trap this year and fish for leprechauns using green worms.

You can win your own Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science and Mile High Mamas >

We’d love to hear about your leprechaun tricks and traps. Please leave us a comment about how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. Susan McMillin
    Susan McMillin says:

    Only the title is there. I was searching for one of your experiments for my Cub Scout den and tried this.


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