Build a Trap, Catch a Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day eve. The day when children and adults alike put the finishing touches on their leprechaun traps.

Catching a leprechaun is tricky business. They are very sneaky and don’t play fair, so no one has ever caught a leprechaun.


My boys and I build a leprechaun trap every year to try and catch these dastardly creatures.

In building a leprechaun trap, you need to start with bait. Lucky Charms cereal is always good, or gold pennies or gold water. Rainbows and anything shiny are also a good draw. Make sure your trap is rigged to come down fast on the little guys.

If you are lucky, the leprechaun will leave behind green snow or eggs or even worms. If you are off the charts lucky, you will have the little devil inside your trap come St. Patrick’s Day morning.

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