Texas Teachers Attend Hands-on Science Boot Camp to Strengthen Their Teaching Skills

We have lots of teacher friends in Texas, and our most recent stops in Dallas and San Antonio brought together almost 300 teachers from all walks of education. You might expect that these one-day science teacher workshops would be heavily dominated by upper elementary and middle school teachers, but it’s great to see an amazing turnout by early childhood teachers, informal science educators, and a handful of college professors. These Hands-on Science Boot Camps are a great opportunity for teachers to share ideas and teaching strategies that really work to get students more engaged and thinking more critically as they sharpen their science skills.

Thanks to a room filled with smart phones, there were lots of cell phone pictures to share from our event. Our rule is always… take out your phones and turn them on! Pictures are a great way to remember the activities that will eventually kind their way into your classroom. Thanks to everyone who turned out for our Texas 2010 visit!

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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    I had a great time! Not certain these are the Dallas photos, but would be happy to email you some from Dallas! Thank you for what you do; I wished I had had a science teacher like you! You rock, Steve! “The Ninja Master” (rope typing exercise)


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