Magic Sand – Hydrophobic Sand Stays Dry in Water

You are never too old to play in the sand, especially when it’s magic sand with science included.

As you know by now, magic isn’t really magic, there’s usually a scientific explanation behind what’s happening. Magic Sand is coated with a substance like Scotchgard that makes it hydrophobic or water-fearing. When placed in water, it repels it and stays dry. The sand is water repellant.

You can build castles and structures underwater and then pour the water off when you are finished. The sand will be dry.

For more on Magic Sand and where to buy it, read the experiment.

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  1. Lisa Niver Rajna
    Lisa Niver Rajna says:

    Hello! We had a science meeting at my house last night. Twelve independent school science teachers all with many years of experience teaching. We were all THRILLED to test out MAGIC SAND which one of the teachers brought to share.

    We are all planning to buy it today and to sign up for your Boot Camp in Los Angeles in November. Thanks for helping to make science so EXCITING!!

    Thank you so much!


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