Back to School Activities to Team Build & Welcome Them Back

It’s August and that means one thing for parents, children and teachers – back to school time. The parents are ready to shoo the kids out the door but the kids may or may not be excited about starting back up. Teachers are back in the classrooms prepping and planning and ready to meet their new students.

Back to school is an exciting and stressful time for everyone. If you are a parent, are you ready to send your kids back into the classroom? Have you done the school supply shopping and prepping that goes into this yearly event? If you are a teacher, are you ready to welcome the kids back to learning? Create a WOW! event to welcome your students back into the classroom – something to get them excited and engaged from the first day of school and all the way throughout the year.

There’s nothing like a hands-on science activity to pull out the first week of school like bubbles, beads, worms, slime or marbles. Steve Spangler Science is excited to offer The First Days of School Kit. This kit contains Jelly Marbles, Water Gel, Windbags and more with enough supplies for your entire class. It will have your students excited and engaged and ready to learn. This kit is also perfect for homeschooling groups, parents who like to donate supplies and activities to classrooms, after-school groups and back to school nights.

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