Carnival of Education – 202nd Edition

Welcome to the 202nd Carnival of Education! There are, scientifically speaking, only 12 days of Christmas – beginning with Christmas Day and extending on into January, ending with Epiphany – but, scientifically speaking, there are MORE than 12 excellent educators and teachers right here who have all kinds of valuable and invaluable hints.  Let’s all put on our lab coats, step away from the mistletoe for a few minutes,  and start making some DISCOVERIES!

Mathew Needleman presents What To Do With Student Data posted at Creating Lifelong Learners.

ANDREA presents Education Examiner: Why are kids cheating in school posted at Education Examiner at

Gedaly presents Plot Structure and Macbeth’s Climax posted at The Bard Blog.

Nancy Flanagan presents Let’s Go Camping posted at Teacher in a Strange Land.

Travis A. Wittwer presents WASHINGTONIOUSLY Awesome: NBCTs fill the classrooms! posted at Stories from School: Practice meets Policy.

Kelly presents Task Force’s Final Draft posted at Stories from School: Practice meets Policy.

Joe Manausa presents What Is A RSS Subscription posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog.

Shen-Li presents Tailor-Made Flash Cards for Your Child posted at Babylicious.

Larry Ferlazzo presents Check The Pollution Level At Your School and Smash Lab | posted at Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day.

Bellringers (Carol Richtsmeier) presents High Fives, Hand Shakes & Gloves posted at Bellringers.

KauaiMark presents Dual Bag posted at Just a Substitute Teacher.

Thomas J. West presents Music Education Practice Tips posted at Thomas J. West Music.

Kelly Hines presents Preparing for Yesterday posted at Kelly Hines : Keeping Kids First.

Michaele Sommerville presents Kindergarten’s 3 R’s: Respect, Resources and Rants: Appropriate Kindergarten Intervention posted at Kindergarten’s 3 R’s: Respect, Resources and Rants.

Strausser presents the power of peer teaching posted at a voice from the middle.

Jena presents An Interview posted at The Life Without School Community Blog.

J.M. Holland presents Malcolm Gladwell the Airmchair Quarterback posted at Lead from the Start.

Peter Kimmich presents Is Cheating Easier in an Online Class? posted at Ace Online Schools.

Clix presents What Is Our Duty? posted at Epic Adventures Are Often Uncomfortable.

Hall Monitor presents Nut Bans in Schools May Be Spurring Hysteria posted at

Heather Johnson presents 100 Best Web tools to Teach Yourself a New Language posted at Find Schools

Diana Senechal presents The Spillage of Muddy Language posted at The Core Knowledge Blog.

Bogusia Gierus presents Understanding Projectile Motion posted at Nucleus Learning.

Elementaryhistoryteacher presents A Christmas Fire at the White House posted at History Is Elementary.

Joanne Jacobs presents Finding the Best Teachers posted at Joanne Jacobs.

Jim McGuire presents Do We Really Need Books? posted at The Reading Workshop.

Dave Saba presents WSJ Nails it! posted at DoE- Dave on Ed.

Dave Johnston presents Improving Teacher Education Programs posted at Friends of Dave.

rightwingprof presents Groupthink: Killing Academia posted at Right Wing Nation.

nyc educator presents Christmas Won’t Be Christmas posted at NYC Educator.

Lorri presents Is Teach for America attempting to ‘colonize’ minority children? posted at New York City Education Examiner.

avoiceinthewilderness presents Dear Sarah posted at The Chancellor’s New Clothes.

Steve Spangler invites you all to his Hands-On Science Boot Camp.  Pick your city!  Steve will give you more than just “cute ideas.”  Steve will give you SOLUTIONS!  And hey, if you sign up for Steve’s Experiment of the Week, you’ll not only get a free experiment in your email every week; you’ll also get a chance to win a $100.00 gift certificate for, AND, you’ll get 5% off your next order!  Take a look at all the science fair information, and check out his video collection (both growing bigger every day!)

Any time you need a good quotation, just check Scheiss Weekly! Jane Goodwin (Mamacita) posts fifty fantastic quotes, every Saturday!

Steve Spangler has been nominated for Best Educational Use of Video/Visual 2008 over on the Edublog Awards, and your vote would be genuinely appreciated!  While you’re there, check out the other fine educational blogs and websites that have been nominated for other educational awards, and vote for them, too!

Polski3 tells us about his Tiered Lessons.

Pastor Jeff is talking about Advent.

Ms. Cornelius, over at A Shrewdness of Apes, has written a timely poem that is actually pretty good literature!

Over at Walk In Brain, Wes has something to say about Beethoven’s birthday.

You can submit your posts for the 203rd edition of the Carnival of Education right here.

Thank you all for participating in the 202nd Carnival of Education. Everyone at hopes that all of your days are merry and bright, that all of your hopes are fulfillled, that all of your dreams come true, and that all of your science fair projects get a big blue ribbon.

Pa rum pa pum pum!

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  1. Nancy Flanagan
    Nancy Flanagan says:

    Thanks for another great Carnival. Lots to read–and lots of things ringing, burning, hammering, blinking, etc. Thanks for taking on the task in a busy time, and for including the Teacher in a Strange Land.

    Best holiday wishes,

  2. Nancy Flanagan
    Nancy Flanagan says:

    Hey Steve–Great Carnival! Lots of good things to read, plus all of the blinking, flickering, hammering and twinkling. This is a busy season–we all appreciate your willingness to take this on.

    Have a peaceful holiday season,
    Nancy Flanagan, the Teacher in a Strange Land


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