How Ironic! Colorado Rockies Weather & Science Day Cancelled Due to Winter Storm

You just can’t make this stuff up. Weather & Science Day is cancelled due to… weather. But it’s not just a little rain we’re talking about. This storm has the potential to drop a lot of snow, and the high temperature for tomorrow is supposed to be only in the low 30’s. We received the word just a few minutes ago from the Colorado Rockies management that the event scheduled for Wednesday, May 12th has been cancelled due to the large winter storm bearing down on Colorado. The Rockies even cancelled tonight’s game due to the snow. Here’s the formal announcement from the Colorado Rockies.

Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather and cold temperatures, we are cancelling the 9News Weather and Science Day presentation with Steve Spangler at Coors Field. We will NOT be able to reschedule the presentation due to the Rockies schedule. Here are the ticket options…

  1. Keep tickets and attend the May 12 game- as of now, we fully anticipate playing the regularly scheduled game.
  2. Exchange tickets for another game- May 25-27, June 8-10- and return ALL of your May 12 tickets to me (via mail or drop off).
  3. Discuss refund options.

We’re as bummed as you are about the cancellation, but the decision is in the best interest of the thousands of kids who might be exposed to rain, snow showers and temperatures in the 30’s. We’re being told at this point to start looking at our May 2011 calendar to set a date… and that’s good news.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    One of the options listed above states that tickets may be used for the may 12th game. However there is not a game scheduled for may 12th.


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