Science Fair becomes Endangered in Hawaii

The Hawaii Academy of Science wraps up their annual science fair today – a science fair that almost didn’t happen.

As part of its spending cuts, the state of Hawaii eliminated $250,000 in annual funding that financed school, district and state science fairs that then sent winners onto international competition.

The academy hosted a fund raising drive to help save the science fair in Hawaii. Over 12,000 students participate in science fairs a year in Hawaii.

This year’s fair happened thanks to donations, but future fairs remain in question. The academy hopes to get a main sponsor for the fair to maintain a steady level of support for years to come.

In the 53 years of the fair in Hawaii, around 350,000 students have participated and many have gone on to have very successful, prestigious science careers.

Go to the HawaiiBusiness site for more information or to donate to help >

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