Please Take Action! Understanding the Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Thousands of people are at risk from exposure to Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) every day. This silent killer has gone unreported by the media and ignored by government agencies. The dangers remain virtually unknown to the general public. Fortunately, a concerned group has created a series of safety messages to get the word out about the dangers of DHMO.

Steve Spangler Science has also jumped in to do its part by offering a Dihydrogen Monoxide Containment Kit. Yes, it’s expensive, but safety is more important than money, right?

For the real scientists, here’s an MSDS for Dihydrogen Monoxide.

In addition to the dangers posed to living creatures, DHMO has caused billions of dollars worth of property and environmental damage. The chemical compound has been known to wipe out entire cities at record-breaking speed.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of DHMO is its wide-spread uses in almost every aspect of daily life. Research shows that the chemical is used for everything from a sanitizer to an ingredient in pesticides to a performance-enhancing supplement.

If you’re still reading this text… you’re either horrified by the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide… or you realized that you’ve been had. That’s right… punked… it’s a joke! Did it really take you this long to figure out what this chemical compound might be? The name dihydrogen (that’s two hydrogen atoms) monoxide (that’s one oxygen atom) is just another way of saying water – H20.

Now that you know what we’re talking about, go back and re-read the original DHMO description, look at the fake product, and watch the DHMO related videos a second time for an even better laugh. But there is a serious side to this April Fool’s Day prank – it goes to demonstrate the extent of our science illiteracy issues in the U.S. It’s easy to fall victim to this kind of prank when science is considered “hard” or characterized as “something we just don’t get.” When the core science classes that you and I took in school are now considered and extra-curricular activity or something that get pushed aside until the end of the school year, we better understand the reason why the U.S. is falling behind in science. Unfortunately, without the proper background or education, it’s easy to take outrageous claims about a so-called dangerous chemical to heart and treat the threats as fact before even attempting to understand the basic science of dihydrogen monoxide.

Steve Spangler Science is dedicated to getting people excited and thinking about science. We provide our customers with innovative, hands-on activities and creative learning tools that make learning more meaningful and fun. This April Fool’s Day prank was meant to make people stop and think about science versus hype to play on ignorance.

Now it’s your turn. Keep all of this under your hat and send any of the links below to a friend. Test out our theory of science illiteracy running rampant throughout this country by testing your friend’s knowledge of dihydrogen monoxide.

Just copy & paste this text and send it to a friend.

Hey, I just found this online and can’t believe how dangerous it is!!! Watch this…

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