Pranks & Tricks for April Fool's Day

April Fool’s day is this Friday. Do you have your pranks ready to go? Our staff spends the majority of March perfecting their pranking in anticipation of the day. I’d declare April 1st a company-wide holiday, except it’s too much fun to mess with your co-workers. A day off of work would just ruin the “holiday.”

A few of our staffers practiced their tricks last week in our company kitchen using Water Gel, coffee and a little imagination.

Hydrogels, or super absorbant polymers, can absorb over 100x their own weight in water. Farmers and gardeners use it to keep crops and plants hydrated during times of drought. It can also be used as the perfect prop for pranks and magic tricks.

Water Gel, the Sugar Substitute
This prank is incredibly easy to pull off and the look on your victims’ faces are guaranteed to be priceless!

  1. Start by emptying the sugar from it’s container. Be sure to put the sugar into another container so that it can be replaced later. The prank is bound to take a turn from funny to tragic if you waste all that sugar.
  2. Once you have an empty sugar container, fill the container with Water Gel. Try to fill the container to the same level as the sugar you removed. The success of pranks is often in the details.
  3. Replace the lid of the container (if it has one).
  4. Sit back and watch as countless victims fall for your epic April Fool’s prank.

You are responsible for ensuring that your victim doesn’t actually drink the Water Gel. Make sure your prank is fun, and not dangerous.

Check out our April Fool’s Day experiment for two magic tricks to do with Water Gel.

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