Top 20 Gift Ideas Reviewed by Mom & Kid Testers

We are fortunate to know some pretty amazing mom bloggers and kid testers at Steve Spangler Science. We called upon this elite group of toy testers and reviewers to play with some of our Top 20 Gift Ideas this holiday season. We take the feedback from our selected reviewers and all customer experiences very seriously and use this information to make tweaks and adjustments to our product line. Nothing goes into the catalog or online without going through a rigorous series of tests. We value all feedback and comments on the experiments and science toys we carry.

Please visit the blogs below to read about some of the experiences our ‘moms in the field’ had with the true voice of our product line, their children.

Colorado Moms: Big Bag of Science

Lori’s LOLz: Green Energy Snap Circuit Kit

Evolving Mommy: Mag-Formers

Slice of Heaven: Transforming Solar Robot

Imagination Soup: Nanodots

Mom to Bed by 8: Wonder Fly Stick

Eighty MPH Mom: Glow Chemistry Kit

Mile High Mamas: Lab in a Bag

Do you blog? Do you want to be a Spangler Test Mom? Or Spangler Test Teacher? We occasionally look for talented bloggers to help test and review our educational science toys. If you are interested in being considered, please email [email protected].

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