A Visit from the Toy Guy – Chris Byrne

spanglertoyguysmall.jpgOne of the highlights of Toy Fair every year is meeting up with our good friend, Chris Byrne, the Toy Guy. Over the past 25 years, Chris has spent some part of every day playing with new toys-not a bad job, if you stop to think about it. He’s the guy the insiders turn to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the toy industry. When Chris is in Denver, we invite him to share his latest toy finds with our viewers at KUSA-TV (NBC). During Toy Fair each year, we pull Chris away from the trade show floor and send a live feed back to Denver. Right before we went on-air, Chris turned to his production assistant and wanted her to find him a bottle of Diet Coke so he could launch a Mentos Geyser during the segment. I only had ten seconds to convince him that the mess wouldn’t be worth the wow-factor (and no one had a change of clothes).

toyguy_logo.jpgChris stopped by the Be Amazing! booth to check out the flying soda.

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