What are the Rules for Checked Baggage?

The key to making this trip as hassle free as possible is to pack lightly.

Last summer, all of the major U.S airlines implemented a fee for checked baggage.  The airlines are allowing 1 carry-on bag and 2 checked bags per passenger.  Passengers are also allowed to carry-on 1 personal item, such as a purse or laptop bag.  The fee for checked baggage is $15.00 one way for the 1st bag and $25.00 one way for the 2nd bag.  This policy is in effect for flights to/from theUnited States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.  If you are comfortable with doing online check-in for your flight, most airlines will allow you to pay the baggage fee online, otherwise you can pay the fee when you check-in at the airport.

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  1. Paris@Big Cruiser
    [email protected] Cruiser says:

    We flew with United recently and when we booked online we werent charged for the checked luggage, but the site said that we would have to pay the $25/piece.
    I expected to be charged at the airport, but no one ever asked for the payment 🙂


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