Insta-Snow Keeps Showing Up on Lists for Top Gift Ideas

It looks like our Insta-Snow® or (Instant Snow as many people call it) is showing up on lots and lots of “Top Gift Ideas” lists that are prevalent on so many blogs. Just add water and the powder instantly erupts into amazing artificial snow that looks and feels like the real thing. Technically, it’s a superabsorbent polymer (if you really want to know), but it looks and feels like the real thing. It’s so realistic that it’s being used in indoor snowboarding parks and by special effects artists in movies. Once you start playing with the stuff, you just can’t put it down.

Purchase the Real Insta-Snow Powder Here

Here’s how it works… Just mix a cup of water with a scoop of Insta-Snow polymer and within seconds, the liquid turns into a solid and then erupts into a fluffy white, snow-like material (no mixing required). Watch in amazement as it instantly expands up to 100 times its original volume. It’s not sticky like the Insta-Snow imitations. UnIike real snow, Insta-Snow doesn’t melt, which makes it perfect for holiday decorating. It’s even re-usable after it dries out.

How does it work? Insta-Snow® is actually derived from the superabsorbent polymer found in baby diapers. The only difference (and it’s a big one) is that the Insta-Snow polymer not only absorbs water but the long chains of molecules swell to an enormous size. The polymer chains have an elastic quality, but they can stretch only so far and hold just so much water.

The Insta-Snow reaction is a great example of a physical reaction – a reaction where the substance itself does not change. If you think of the Insta-Snow powder as millions of tiny sponges, it’s easy to see that neither the Insta-Snow powder or the water was changed. If you allow the water to evaporate, the Insta-Snow powder dries out and returns to it’s previous state, ready to be used again.

There’s Only One Insta-Snow – Don’t Be Fooled by the Fake Snow Knock-Offs and Imitation Products

With all of this popularity comes the huge wave of Insta-Snow knock-offs… imitation products where the powder doesn’t exactly erupt like the real Insta-Snow but just turns into a clump of white goo that has to be stirred to eventually look like clumpy slush. It’s amazing to see how blatant some people or companies are when it comes to knocking off a product or an idea. Insta-Snow® Powder is a registered trademark, which means that the name is protected under federal copyright law.

But this didn’t stop a few guys in Minnesota from “borrowing” the name Insta-Snow and developing a line of products that literally copied every Insta-Snow product we had on the market. They copied the graphic design, cleverly named their product Insta-Snow and even went so far as to lift the text from our instructions. But if that wasn’t bad enough, they launched a website called and “repurposed” a video of me doing a television segment about Insta-Snow from and posted it on the site. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that it was one of our websites.

It’s comforting to know that really good intellectual property attorneys know how to fight this kind of copyright infringement and were able to regain control of the trademark and the domain. If you visit now, it goes to the right place, but that hasn’t stopped the Minnesota-based company from marketing their own version of snow polymer under the name of Snow in Seconds (after our intellectual property attorneys forced the shut down of their use of the trademark “Insta-Snow.”

It’s also amazing to get phone calls from people who purchased the bad snow and they want to know why it doesn’t work like the snow they saw in the video. Our customer service people have to explain that their Snow in Seconds is actually slush forever. When they eventually receive the real Insta-Snow® from, they understand why it pays to buy the original Insta-Snow.

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  1. Teri D.
    Teri D. says:

    We love your insta Snow! I should say that my class and I love your snow powder. We used Julie Gintzler’s idea of reading Snow Bears and rolling the little toy bears around in the dry Insta Snow. Then I mist them with a spray bottle and the snow grows on the bear (the bear turns from brown to white). Thanks to Julie for the great idea and thanks for the amazing snow powder.

  2. Josie
    Josie says:

    I absolutely LOVE insta-snow and use it all the time. Lately, I have been promoting your product so much that my husband says I should become one of your reps!

    It is great to see the same reaction from adults as well as children at the sight of the snow “magically” appearing before your eyes!

    Thanks for a great product.

  3. Angel
    Angel says:

    I purchased a large quantity of Instant Snow for outdoor decorations. After talking to the rep on the phone she recommended that I put it on a tarp or something similar to help with clean up. After 24 hours I noticed it started to grow pink and moldy.. This product is not very easy to clean up and gets very sticky. I am very disappointed in the product and what it had to offer.


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