Putting Water Jelly Crytals to the Test


Over the years we’ve sold tons… literally… of Water Jelly Crystals to customers around the world eager to take advantage of the crystals’ water-saving properties in their gardens.  So, it only made sense that when we took on our own landscaping project that we put these superabsorbing polymers to the test.

When the big day came, you could here me reminding our landscaper… maybe more than once… to get a good handful of hydrated crystals in the holes before adding the plants.  Maybe he thought we were a little crazy, but our plants look beautiful and we suspect they will use a lot less water than normal, which is especially important in the arid climate here in Colorado.  Thanks to a lot of hard work, and a total of six GALLONS (nearly 23 liters) of Water Jelly Crystals, the Spangler Science offices are looking better than ever.


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  1. Mamacita
    Mamacita says:

    We are having a terrible drought here, but thanks to your water jelly crystals, my upside-down tomato plants are healthy and putting out tomatoes like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. Science Fair Projects
    Science Fair Projects says:

    What a wonderful idea, not only for your garden, but for kids to use for super science fair projects. Another way to bring young people’s awareness about ecology and green products.

    This could be a community project where one side of the street uses the water jelly crystals and the other side does not. After a month I bet there will a noticeable difference in the plants.

    Are the water jelly crystals non-toxic and certified organic?



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