Homeschooling Mom Gives a Twist to Do Not Open Bottle Experiment

Almost Unschoolers Do Not Open Bottle Watering Can

Picture Courtesy Almost Unschoolers

Leah is a homeschooling mom of six. She blogs about her experiences as a homeschooling mom on her blog, Almost Unschoolers. On the blog, she has a feature called “Sunday Science.”

She recently posted about making a Do Not Open Bottle but using it in the garden. I love it when someone expands upon an experiment and makes it their own. If you are unfamiliar with the Do Not Open Bottle experiment, it is a lesson in air pressure, gravity and surface tension.

Start with an empty soda bottle, poke holes around it near the bottom. Set the bottle in the sink and fill it up about half way. It’s a little tricky, because some of the water will leak out the holes. Replace the cap on the top and lift the bottle. If the cap is tightly sealed, the water will stop leaking from the holes. When you twist the cap and allow air to rush into the bottle, the water will once again flow out of the holes. For a complete step by step instructions and explanations of Do Not Open Bottle, visit the experiment page.

Leah took this idea one step further with her kids. They made Do Not Open Bottles for each child and then went out to their gardens, loosened the cap, and used the bottles as watering cans. The gentle sprinkling from the bottle was a great way to water seeds without washing the dirt away. A creative way to teach science, save money and do it yourself. For complete instructions on how Leah and her kids made their homemade watering cans, visit her website Almost Unschoolers.

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