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4-H Hydrogel Experiment Travels Cross-Country

4-H Hydrogel

While I’ve been winding down from my media tour as the 4-H National Experiment Spokesperson, kids across the country have been exploring the powerful water-absorbing qualities of these amazing hydrogels.  From Georgia to Hawaii, I’ve read articles about kids tearing open those baby diapers, shaking out the polymers and digging their hands into science.  4-H coordinators across the country helped get their students excited about science by performing the National Experiment using Water Gel and Water Jelly Crystals.  I especially liked reading about the New Jersey student who was observing the “giggly” Water Jelly Crystals… through this national focus on science, kids are learning valuable lessons in comparing, classifying, wondering, observing… and, in the process, building strong foundations for science education.

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