Science Boot Camp – New York Finale

Now the trick is to get everything back into the trunk and shipped homeThe final stop in New York on the Science Boot Camp tour was a great way to wrap up our twelve city tour. I always enjoy working with east coast teachers (there’s an edginess to their sense of humor) and this group of highly motivated teachers was no exception. And not all of the workshop participants were from New York. I was honored to have teachers from all over the east coast, in addition to a number of non-teachers.

One non-teacher participant introduced herself as a Chinese art dealer from New York who found out about the workshop through our website and wants to be a “science mom” at her child’s school. I’m seeing more and more of this type of hands-on parental involvement on this year’s tour than ever before. Maybe it’s a sign of great parents or maybe it’s an indication that parents are worried that we [teachers] are allowing science tThe hotel staff only wonders what happenedo become an extra-curricular activity. We were also fortunate enough to have three alumni from Science in the Rockies 2007 (our three day Hands-on Science Institute in Colorado) in attendance at the workshop who spent a good part of the lunch break answering questions about the summer experience. Not a bad way to wrap up a great Science Boot Camp tour.

People who attend my workshops know that I don’t pass out “smile sheets” at the end for comments and suggestions. Instead, I send all of the participants a link to the blog post and ask them for their honest feedback once they’ve had the opportunity to try out some of the ideas and teaching strategies. Check back in the coming days for the results.

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  1. nick keseric
    nick keseric says:

    Are there 3 liquids that can be poured together that seperate? I know of water, cooking oil, but is there a third?


  2. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    I just wanted to say thanks again for another memorable conference! I had 2 ASL interpreters provided for me (thank you again!!) so I could follow the conference. Little did I know that both of them would get so wrapped up in what was going on that they would forget to translate for me!! I did warn them beforehand that it’s an amazing experience and I think they left fully satisfied that I was right along with 2 bags of goodies that they bought! :o) So it doesn’t matter what your background is, I think it’s a wonderful conference that benefits anyone and everyone will be amazed and not only what you can do but also at how wonderfully down to earth Steve is and how generous the staff can be. Keep up the great work guys!!

  3. Linda
    Linda says:

    WOW… what an experience. I was so excited to attend the conference, my principal decided to join me. I knew she was impressed when she said “It is already time for lunch?” She was amazed at how quickly the time passed and was just as engaged as I was. We have decided to kick off the 2008-2009 school year by doing a presentation for the entire staff at our school. The day will be titled… Let’s make learning FUN! I have already included some of the demonstrations/activities into my lessons and everyone is having a super time… while they learn. HANDS ON WITH A PURPOSE!

  4. Eileen Banks
    Eileen Banks says:

    Dear Steve

    I attended New York workshop for me it was a dream come true. I am a bit different than most as I am a teacher’s assitant but do much of the teaching in my reading room. I also am a inspirational speaker in which I preform as different characters one in which I am Mrs Pedital a science teacher. For years I have been doing experiments but when I happened upon you it was amazing. I just got back from your workshop and used some of the stuff you taught us and a standing ovation. The kids at schoo are amazed too. My principle lets me do assemblies for character ed and I have used many of your experiment to teach. Thank you so much for being you and sharing your knowledge and gifts.

    Eileen Banks

  5. Stacy
    Stacy says:

    I left the conference feeling like the only thing missing from all the fun there was the martinis. I have been teaching for ten years, and there is no better method of making children remember what you do- if you make them laugh, you have grabbed their attention. It is clear that Steve has the laugh factor, with the science knowledge of the WHY behind the whiz bang to back it up so the children can LEARN the WHY behind the science that is happening through all the fun. I can’t thank him enough for his willingness to pass along what he knows to benefit children. It should be a required professional development for all science teachers. Signed, still pregnant…

  6. Pat
    Pat says:

    I knew it would be good; however, you went way beyond what I had expected! Best part is that you give the Science behind the activity; so often the WOW factor is given, but related to nothing. Thank you.

  7. sofia
    sofia says:

    thank you soooo much, Steve!!!!
    We had a “snow day” in kindergarten. Can you guess what my 2nd grade students and their parents call “an egg tower”?
    These are my plans for my students:
    Floating Diet Coke and levers are for the next week….
    “Nails for breakfast” week after…

    I tihnk your expirements are SUPERB!!! I escpecially like the one when you put the Mentos in the coke.
    One of the “crazy borthers”,
    PS Thanks for the autograph!!!
    PPS I will make a presentation for my class based on gravity and using the egg tower.

  8. Carol Condon
    Carol Condon says:

    Please, Please, Please come further East! Lots of teachers out in New England would LOVE to attend a workshop with you.
    Please let me know if you would consider planning something like that.


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