The Science Goddess Knows Great Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

Beaker just hangin' outI’m always searching for other science bloggers, especially the science teachers who find time to teach and blog. Jane Goodwin shared this information about a site called What It’s Like On The Inside and the blogger herself, the Science Goddess – I’m told she’s an amazing science teacher who knows what it’s like on the inside. And when it comes to knowing what makes great, unique teacher gifts, she knows that, too. On the top of her wish list for Teacher Appreciation Day from her students is Instant Worms, the Multi-Study Microscope (she would really like to have 8 or ten or these!), Quirkles, Axle Annie, and – The Science Goddess confesses that this last one is for her, personally, because of her – ahem! – Bunsen and Beaker obsession, left over from childhood but still going strong today!

The Science Goddess has this to say about the products at

“These look like a great lesson launch—read, do an experiment, then do some writing. . . literacy connections to help build a foundation for inquiry.”

I have a feeling that the FedEx truck will be stopping by the Science Goddess’ lab in the next few days with Beaker stuffed into a beaker (you get the idea), and her students can surprise her with a few other goodies. If you know about a science teacher who blogs, please post a comment and let us know.

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