Space Camp for Teachers:

What do you call 102 teachers gathered together who are crazy about space science? Teacher Space Camp. I often write about my search for “amazing teachers” – teachers who truly inspire students to want to learn. Last week I paid a return visit to the U.S. Rocket & Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama where I met another group of amazing teachers who really make learning fun. My training was sponsored in part by the Boeing Corporation who also sponsored the entire group of teachers. Katrine Balch is the Director of Education Programs and her staff does an amazing job of hosting some of the best teachers on the planet. The goal of the week-long program is to provide teachers with hands-on training in the space sciences… plus so much more. When I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, a group of teachers was busy building model rockets while another group conducted experiments with plants in space. My workshop on Thursday focused on best practices and strategies for integrating more science with reading, writing and math… and ways to make science even more fun in the classroom.

Sure, I always enjoy conducting teacher trainings, but this workshop was especially fun for me because my 7 year old son, Jack, came along as my helper. As you can see from the picture, he wasn’t content with just handing out supplies. Jack shared a science demo that he’d been practicing called the Three Cup Monté… or the old water-in-the-cup-switcheroo. Okay, I’m a pretty proud Dad, but now I know that Jack can support me in my old age.

If you’re a teacher… what are you waiting for? Contact Katrine Balch at [email protected] to learn more about corporate sponsored teacher training institutes at the U.S. Rocket & Space Center.

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:


    I was one of the teachers in your training. Your workshop was such a blast. I know I will be using many of your ideas in my classroom.

    I was also one of the teachers playing with the thumb when you walked by. Our team got very good at it. You should have seen us in the airport. My nine year old has also gotten very good at it. Everyone in my family is getting a THUMB for Christmas.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm. It is contagious!

  2. Eryca Card
    Eryca Card says:

    I just returned from the Honeywell Advanced Space Academy for Educators and I agree with you that Katrine Balch and her staff does an amazing job to inspire teachers (much like you). The week was amazing and couldn’t have happened without the support of Honeywell. I encourage and and all teachers to apply for their Space Academy program and if you have already participated in the original program, I strongly encourage you to apply for Advanced Camp…very inspirational!


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